Monday, December 28, 2015

One Step Closer

Bottom right picture is of 3 generations!
Grandma (106), Mom (88), and Hna (64)
I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to talk to family, hearing your voices was what I needed! Thank you so so much for your constant support. I feel His support too, as I continue to give it all I can. I am fighting the good fight! I love what I do. 

Good news, I am feeling a lot better. A little swollen still, but I think that is the way it will stay until I come home and you can feed me lots of fruits and vegetables! Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming. I am gaining a lot of patience and I am enjoying every moment.  

THANK YOU for your encouragement and kind words. Thank you for the scripture. I love the scriptures!  

I am praying for you and I am so excited to keep working hard! Sorry this is short but we talked a lot in the Navidad and can`t think of anything else to say. Haha. 

Happy New Year! Kind of nervous for the new year because that means coming home will be one step closer. but that`s okay. 

Hermana Burton  

Monday, December 14, 2015

There Is No Other Way to Live

Where do I even start! 

Hannah Stock comes home this week! I cannot believe it. This Friday I will only have one month left. That is weird. I saw old American guys in Walmart today buying beer to go fishing, and all of my I miss America feelings left. Haha. I am very happy to be here in Mexico. I will miss it, greatly. 

Lets see, what else. Elder Avalos sent me an email. Seeing him as a missionary makes my faith SOAR! I am so glad that Heavenly Father gave me his name and that Alejandro was humble enough to accept the invitation to return to church. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Trust in Christ

We did see the devotional! It was so beautiful, I was inspired. We are so blessed to be led and guided by prophets, and by the Christ himself! I loved the Christmas hymns... they are in English here as well, they don`t change them to Spanish so it felt a little bit like home. I saw Barrio Pioneros and they are so awesome. They are happy that I am staying here in the stake (half of my mission in the same stake!) and I saw Hna G who told me that she went to the temple and did baptisms for the first time, is second counselor in the Young Women's presidency and taught her first class that Sunday. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

We had transfers, my last one. I was super nervous, but there was no need. We are staying!!!!!!! Hna B and I are going to stay together here in Reforma. To say we are happy is a understandment. Still hasn't hit me that at the end of this transfer I am going home. Plan on giving it my all like I have the last 16 months. There is no looking back! Endure to the end!  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanks to Him

My comp went to Guaymas today so we really haven't had much time but this week has been amazing, one of my most successful weeks in the mission. Hermanito JR was baptized, one of my favorite hermanas was reactivated, we taught 10 lessons with members present, I love the barrio Reforma, and I am so so grateful that I can play piano for the PRIMARY PROGRAM! It went perfectly. I actually was struggling with a certain part of He Sent His Son, and prayed specifically to God that He would help me with that part and I played it perfectly thanks to Him. 

And that makes me super happy. Also when HB went to Guaymas, I stayed with Hna Z and Hna S aka my mom and my daughter! It was a blast to be able to be with them. I sure love Hermana Z. And my mom Hermana S but there is something about having a daughter that is just something so cool! I am so blessed to have been able to train my twin! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pumpkin Pie!

We only got 2 months left... is that the weirdest thing or what? The weeks are going by so fast it makes me a little dizzy. I can`t lie, it`s a bittersweet feeling knowing the mission comes to an end one day. SO HAPPY to hear that Nana is going to be there when I go home. Honestly I love being with the old grandmas here, but sometimes it breaks my heart and I literally start to tear up because I want to be with my Nana! Ah! She means the world to me! I also think about my Oma a lot a lot. How grateful I am for wonderful grandmothers. Not to mention Grandma Middleton as well. We only knew each other for a short time, but the love she showed for us was eternal. 

Played piano again for church this week and am amazed in how I have been able to develop my talents. It is so cool! I am excited to come home and play! I miss our old, out of tune, piano. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

5 Thankfuls

 So my week and thankfuls:

1. Banana Bread. I am so so grateful for Hna M! She lived in Arizona for a long time and she learned how to make lots of stuff and she always makes us something Mexican and somethng American. We eat with her once a month, and this time she made us Banana Bread. I felt like I was home eating my after school snack. 

2. A great companion. Never have I laughed so hard and been taught so much by a companion (maybe mi hija but that`s it). She is an angel! I love her so much and am grateful for her example of quiet dignity. She is FUN as well. Makes the hard times easier and the good times better. 

3. Predicad Mi Evangelio (Preach My Gospel). It is so inspired and such a useful tool! While I studied it this week, I could recognize how I could be a better missionary. Be more humble was one of the promptings. I could study The Plan of Salvation a lot this week and we had a very powerful lesson with Hna RM, who lost her mom just a little while ago. We are very blessed as missioneras to have this tool! 

4. Seeing HNA G in the stake conference! I saw her Saturday night, and Sunday! It makes me so so happy to see her so faithful. She is planning to go to the temple to do baptisms el 28 de Noviembre! I am so excited for her. I love her so so much! 

5. They asked us Saturday night if we would SING in stake conference the next day, my comp and I and four elders. We said yes! It was a super fun experience, we sang the Family is of God, its a primary song but it was part of Hna Munives message that we need better parents if we want better families. I only laughed a little bit (my weakness in public speaking and singing). It was a blessing! 

I feel incredibly blessed to be a missionary. I feel close to Christ. It isn`t easy, but it is worth it! We are so blessed to know of the wonderful and perfect plan. 


Hermana Burton

Monday, November 2, 2015


I´ll walk you through my week: 

Lunes: We had transfers, I saw Hna K from my old area and it was a tender moment for me. Started to get to know Hna B... who we LOVE! I'll explain more later. 

Martes: The most significant thing that happened this day was visiting the Hna RM, the inactiva that now has 3 domingos en the capilla! She is so amazing and her testimony is so incredibly strong. 

Miercoles: Gentry`s bday. Thought about you guys all day but in the best way. This is the day when I realized my mission wasn't a failure. Why? You might ask. Hna B and I have shared all the same areas, whenever I left an area she came to fill my spot it seemed like. She told me she was very used to seeing my handwriting in the area book! (where we write about our investigators). God blessed me, more than I can describe by sending me Hna B as my companion. It all started with, Hey, remember C? C was a street contact that we had, we invited him to be baptized in the street and he said YES! He never came to church and we could never find his house, but we always found him in the street in Huatabampo. We had given him a BOM. Long story short, after I left he shows up to the capilla and then the sisters start to teach him, he and his cousin get baptized. Then she, (Hna B) tells me that G, reactivado that is serving a mission in Puebla, his girlfriend was baptized. And then she tells me that Lupita and Lucero got baptized (who I taught) and those are just SOME of the fruits of the seeds I have planted. 

Isn't it a miracle? My mission as the Lord`s seed planter has almost come to an end, and He sends me as my most likely last companion, the REAPER of the seeds! It is something amazing and beautiful for the both of us. God knows us all personally and we each play a GREAT role in the work of Salvation. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

With Another Gringa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GB THIS WEEK! I SERIOUSLY cannot believe that she is 17.. that is insane! I was 17 like yesterday, wasn´t I? I love my beautiful sister! 

The hurricane didn't come anywhere near, so we are good. It makes me feel good to know that people were concerned for me. 

Well. We had cambios and I am with another gringa... hahaha. Hna B de Pleasant Grove, UT. She is sweet. I have known her pretty much the whole mission, not well but have known of her. We literally have had the same areas the whole mission, Huatabampo, Constitucion, Reforma, so it's fun to talk about the areas and the people and she told me something that made me so happy! S, from Barrio Consti went to the TEMPLE! Ah  seriously it still makes me get super giddy like a little girl! She went to the temple and is super strong in the church! It makes me so so happy. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

This Message Really Changes Lives

Mexico is great! I am so grateful I am serving a mission. It rocks! even in the hard weeks. This week was a lot better. A LOT! I LOVE MY COMPANION! She makes me laugh everyday and when I started looking to love and to kill with kindness, we both (the peruana and I) came out WINNERS! I am so glad to hear about DillPickle and know that he is a RM! And my Jesse too! They are such great people. It´s so weird that now it´s MY Generation that is doing the whole come home from a mission thing. I am a young adult! What the kwan! 

This week we were able to find an hermana inactiva that stopped going to church at 12 years old! She recognized us when we knocked on her door (we were guided by the spirit to her house) and we have had such amazing lessons with her this week where i have seen how much this message really changes lives. She came to church with us this Sunday and we have an appt with her tonight! God is real and cares for each one of His children! Also they asked me to play the piano for the PRIMARY PROGRAM! How exciting! Cambios this Sunday as well. Only 2 more left! CRAZY! I love you! 

Hermana Burton

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Key to Know God

I love from the Liahona this month the article of Robert D Hales, The Plan of Salvation. It is a good reminder to me to have a eternal perspective. That is crucial. As a mother, as a sister, as a missionary, as a member of the church, as a human here on earth. 

One of the mottos that I have here on the mission goes like this... 
The key to know God is to struggle. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

I am in love with Conference!

I am in love with Conference! It is perfect.

I loved Conference. I think for me it was just what I needed to keep going when it´s getting tough. After hearing Jesse´s email this week, I don´t imagine it gets any easier going home. I have now entered adult life, I guess. I can really appreciate these last months here and try to edify and purify myself.  I rejoiced to hear the Prophet recite MY SCRIPTURE of Matthew, but my heart broke as I watch this man that I love so much suffer. He is strong, however and the Lord sustains him. God healed my worried heart as we began to sing, and testified to me that He was in charge and taking care of Tommy Monson. Imagine my joy when I imagined God Himself singing to His beloved prophet,

Fear not, I am with thee, oh be not dismayed
For I am thy God and will still give thee aid.
I´ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand
upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand.

Wow! God is a perfect loving God, and He sustains the prophets for they are HIS! What do you think of the new apostles? I am so excited to know them. They will be great instruments for the Lord.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Coming To Know

This week was great. And by great. I mean I spent the whole week in bed. Sick.


I could not believe it. I was like, this would be the week that I get sick, the very week that I plead to pray for me and my health. It was horrible! I won´t get into the details but let me just tell you it was a pretty miserable week. Yesterday was our first day out in the field and I loved it! How I am going to miss teaching the children of God when I leave this place. Have I told you I love Mexico? All though there are many things that I do NOT love, overall it is an amazing place with awesome people. I feel so blessed. My companion took good care of me, and the million pills that the doctor gave me (because that´s how people get better here, so not what I am used to at home) worked, and now my stomach, body aches, fever, cold and cough are gone. Woohoo! Well, kinda gone. But gone enough.

I am so excited that the missionaries could go to FHE and help you. There can be miracles, when you believe! Sing it with me now.

Speaking of singing, today, fed up with the semana, I started to sing Disney songs to my companion. I was surprised A) that I knew all the words to the songs and B) that she recognized the songs and would guess from what princess movie it came. And she got most of them right! Boo yeah. And also played the piano at church. I love playing the piano. Thank you Mom, Sister Lillywhite and Sister Bleazard.

Monday, September 21, 2015

This Is The Life!

The Lord blesses me so much. I am so grateful for Him. This week we had an activity, an Mexican Cultural Night (16th is their independence day) and the party was so awesome... mostly because half of my barrio pioneros was there! Because they have family members or conocidos in Barrio Reforma. And then more members came up to me and said weren´t you in Constitucion a while back? We remember you! We have a family member, friend, etc in that Barrio! We know you are a great missionary and we are excited to have you in our ward. Oh, it felt so good. I was so happy. I know that everything is conforme the plan of God. I know He loves us and He does what is best for us, even if we don´t know what that Plan is. We are having lots of success. Wow English is sure hard, Hna S doesn´t speak English so it´s pure Spanish all day every day and now writing in English is really hard... I am trying! 

We are doing really well here, we are having lots of success and seeing lots of miracles. The members really want to help us. We taught 30 lessons this week, 10 with member present! And we have a baptism planned for this week and then a couple are going to get married and get baptized here pretty soon as well so that is exciting!!!! wooo! Try to help the missionaries as much as possible! Speaking of which... that is so crazy, I totally remember talking to Elder Clyde in the MTC! That is seriously so cool that he came to my house in WA for dinner this week. I remember telling him about the sunsets! Small world. HF is cool like that, huh? Tell him hi!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sowing in Reforma

My new comp
Well... we had cambios. And they changed me to Reforma, it´s in the same stake and everything of my old area but it´s just so weird because I wasn´t expecting it. I now will have spent the majority of my mission in Obregon... and it´s most likely that I will end my mission here in this area so that´s a little crazy. I am happy, but I am also sad. I don't know what I was expecting... to train again or something cool like that. But Pres sent me with someone from my same generation, Hna S. She is cool, I mean I have known her my whole mission. She is from Peru. But I guess I was just really surprised. I guess the Lord wants me here. I know I should have a more postive attitude, but I mean like, whatever. Right? I just can´t believe I just have this transfer and then two more. That´s a little exciting to think about and also really sad. But that´s okay. It´s just really hard to leave because I was working so hard, The Lord really helped me in the area and I guess part of me thought I was finally going to be able to reap instead of just sow, but God I guess needs me as his number one sembradora. That´s okay too. 

What are some blessings this week so I can think more positive... ummmm. 

1. Hna Z and I finished out strong. I am really going to miss her. 
2. We had an activity on Friday for the ward and it was super awesome. Lots of people came and the activities were super fun and then they served nachos. Five of our investigators came! 
3. I saw my mama, aka Hna S today for the first time in almost a year. We were pretty happy. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Living A Good Happy Life

Yesterday we had 5 investigators in the capilla! 5! I was so happy. And they are so excited for their baptisms, and one of the little boys turns 8 today so we are going to go celebrate. It is a miracle! There is a family of four (but the dad didn´t come to church grrrr) the familia R J so if you can pray for them and then also there is a woman named M and she is amazing! She is a referencia of a member (give out every name you can think of!) and she has a granddaughter who is downs and has heart problems. We are praying and fasting for her. Her name is S. Pray for her! Also what else... we are living a good happy life but we are a little sad because most likely this is our last week together. These last two transfers have flown by so quickly I am sad to see my other half go but I know that these coming transfers will be for the benefit of both! I hope I have been able to leave a legacy with my hija! It´s so weird to think that I only have three transfers left! How? Time flies by. I know I am going to give my all until the end. 

It´s not always easy though! I had a horrible cold this week and felt so bad! I didn´t know how I was going to keep going by I just honestly tried to give it my all. I got a blessing from Hno DLR and it was so amazing because he blessed me with the things that I needed! More faith and persistence, the ability to keep going with my eternal goals and never look back and stay the wonderful obedient missionary that God knows that I AM! And that was so beautiful for me to hear. Not the good obedient missionary that I could be, but that I am! And it really helped because recently I have been pleading to God to be able to love ME! It´s something that I am not very good at! It´s not like I have low self esteem or anything, but with all these weaknesses man it´s hard to love me! But I try to look for the good in me... without getting prideful, and the Lord is helping me see some of my talents and abilities and I feel better and I treat others better. It´s just better for everyone. Haha. 

They do have a Primary Program here as well. It´s just as precious. It´s fun that the church is the same no matter where you go. 

Well that´s it for now. Short on time but wanted to write you all that I could. I love you! 

Hermana Burton
1. We went to a musuem today for Pday! It´s our last pday together (most likely) so we went all out! It was awesome. 

2. We ate obispos! (that are like rainbows from Pace´s Dairy Ann but not near as good)

Monday, August 31, 2015

13 Months of Service

Hermanas & Haircuts
How are things going with the Books of Mormon? I was so happy to hear that you bought them and am excited to see what happens with the miracles of the Lord! 

Speaking of miracles! We were in the middle of an extremely hot and miserable day when one of the companionships from our zone call us, HERMANA BURTON! They say, and I say, what? All grumpy and what not. They are like you will never believe what just happened. We were walking in the street when a man contacted us and said, hold on hermanas! I have something for you and entered his house. and they were really confused but they waited out there and he appeared and says, I have cards from Washington! And then they were more confused... but then they say it was my credit card, and my ID, and my mission credit card, and my TEMPLE RECOMMEND! and they said no way! And he says I don´t have the wallet, there was no money in it, but I do have the cards, and this is all that there was and well I hope you can give them to their owner! And they called me right away and we were freaking out because after 10 weeks an honest man had someone found all of my cards and returned everything! I still don´t know the whole story, but I will know this Friday, we have a junta de zona! I am so excited. I feel so blessed and am so grateful for your constant faithful prayers. God answers in His own time. He teaches us faith and patience. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

How Many Apples in The Seed

That´s sad Jed’s getting as tall as you. That means I am the shortest sibling. Haha. Maybe I have grown on the mission. Maybe. But no. Haha. I just feel tall with all these Mexicans.
A beautiful sweet lady that was asking for money, and I told her
I don´t have money to give but I can give you this folleto!
And she said, honey, with this folleto
you gave me more than money could ever give.  Thank you, thank you!
And my heart melted and I asked her for a picture.
We were waiting for our bus to take us to Guaymas.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Pues no tenemos mucho tiempo la verdad.... oh my gosh I just realized I was writing in Spanish. How embarassing. I am going to leave it because it´s funny. Anyways! As I was saying... But in another language. HI! Sorry that we don´t have lots of time, my companion has a sickness called dengue, so we just left the house! I AM DYING! I hate being in the house. But it´s okay if my daughter can get better :) 

Monday, August 10, 2015

For The Cause

This week was pretty stellar. I don´t know why, I imagine it is all your awesome fasting and praying, so I am really thankful for that. But yeah so this Sunday I just got a bunch of animo and was Hna Z, let´s go to work. And we worked harder than we ever have, we tried to stay super obedient, we looked for the good even when things got rough and tried not to faint when it got to 118 degrees. And we were blessed! We could have some amazing spiritual experiences with a lot of people and I felt super blessed by the Lord because I was able to grow up a little bit spiritually. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Staying Here in Pioneros!

We had cambios! And I am staying here in Pioneros! For my third transfer. This is officially the longest time I have spent in one area. It´s awesome though because I LOVE the members here and we have a goal to work with them more, now that they love us a lot, it is going to be much easier to get their references and help them and help all their friends and BAPTIZE ALL OF OBREGON! Haha. I once knew an elder that said, every one in Obregon wants to be baptized, they just don´t know it yet. True that, home brother! 

We moved FINALLY to a new apartment and wow what a change it is has made. It is so much cuter, so much cheaper, the spirit is stronger, we are happier and I HAVE A BIG BED so you know how happy that makes me! It is so awesome. It rained more this week, trying to have a positive attitude but it´s a little hard when we are walking through a DISGUSTING lake. I think I would take 114 degree weather over rain here. Seriously. Yuck.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bye Bye July

Absolutely no time to write. I went to Guaymus for my VISA and we got home late, and then I spent time writing the kids because the week before I didn´t write them that good of emails.Thank you for everything. Yes i got the foto book and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 20, 2015

One Year of Service

I am actually really content and have been able to feel the prayers that you are all sending me. I am so grateful to know that we have a merciful Heavenly Father and a loving Savior that are willing to help us. Like Paul, I glory in my weaknesses because through them I can see the power of Christ! 

I cannot believe that I will completing a year in the service of our Lord this Thursday. I honestly am so honored and so excited. We saw an airplane today, and Hermana Z said to me, Do you know how far away that plane is? Six months. Today is literally six months before I am going to see you in the little Pasco Airport! How could time have gone so quickly? Granted, I know that six months are still a solid amount of time, and I am grateful for that, but it still seems incredibly real now, where before it didn't seem so real that I would sometime take a plane ride home. There is a song that Hna Z has that we listen to, it´s called The Work: The Hardest Thing I´ve Ever Loved to Do by the Nashville Tribute band.  Anyways, it´s really precious and describes exactly how I feel! WOW! Six more months of diligent work, I promise I am going to stay obedient, and HAPPY. 

A ver, what else. Today was super awesome. We had a zone activity, we cleaned the capilla, played volleyball and then ate lunch together. It´s really fun to just take out our stress that way. Sometimes the work is hard but we also can enjoy it in a healthy way, and we did that! Yay! I have some cool pictures I will be sending your way. We went and swung in the park after (our favorite thing to do). Overall it´s been a solid day. Even if it is 107 degrees today. It´s casual. 

This week, I also had a moment that really tested me. As we were walking to the house of Hna G, the new sheep in the fold of God!, we said Buenas Noches! All happy and what not to this lady in the street. With the most vicious face she spat at our feet (here it´s even more disrespectful that it would be in the US, it´s like a big grosería). Hna Z luckily didn't really register what she had done because we kept walking quickly but turns to me and says, did she sneeze or something? Not wanting to believe what had just happened and I said, no she actually spit at us. And we kind of kept walking in silence, remembering that they too, spat at our Savior. Luckily when we got to the house of G, she had surprised us with... wait for it... LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA! So I was pretty happy. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Moment

I don´t remember much about the elders in the Columbia Basin Ward that came to our house in Pasco, before they changed it to hermanas, but the only thing that I remember clearly is when one missionary, a really cool elder, shared 2nd Nefi 31:20 with our family. He took it apart piece by piece, asking us inspired questions and letting our testimonies grow. It really affected my life. No idea what the elder´s name was. Or where he was from or anything. But I do remember that moment with him. And it was life changing. 

Monday, July 6, 2015


Wow. What can I say? This week was crazy.  And by crazy, I mean incredibly stressful. And by incredibly stressful, I mean I know this is true or I wouldn't be here anymore. 

First off, I am living without money. So that´s fun. And then second off, we cleaned the house for eight hours on tuesday, and not just clean, but deep Pop-approval clean, only to find out that we weren't going to move. And we didn't move because there were problems with the contract and the other landlord and everything. So I was a little stressed to say the least with that, and then I love training but sometimes I don´t feel that I am capaz.... like... what´s the word in English.... whatever. I don´t feel good enough to train sometimes. And then I get mad at myself because I am not perfect and I have been on my knees just begging for His forgiveness and my district leader called and was like what´s wrong with you? and I am like I have been super stressed.  I just feel like Goob a little bit.

But I have to look at the blessings too. Because Hna G got baptized! And it was my favorite holiday! Hna Z and I dressed up in our red white and blue and we ended the night in bed looking up at the ceiling pretending there was fireworks and singing the National Anthem. It was good having an American companion. She is seriously an amazing comp. We have so much in common, it´s kinda creepy. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

And the Best Week Ever Just Occurred

This is what white girls look like when we eat chile
How are you? I am so grateful for you and for your birthday messages. I feel bad cause we didn´t have time to reply to every one. GRACIAS!!!!

Well here I am at the computer again. Every week just goes by so quickly. I am so grateful to my HF for this week. I learned so much. First off, I was so overjoyed to hear the story about my cousin and his baptism. Okay, now I am ready to tell you about my week. 

Being with Hna Z is seriously the best thing ever. We have so much fun, and we basically are the same person. She has such a great desire to serve and do that which is right and she is progressing really quickly in her Spanish. It is a gift from the Lord. We have had so much success. We are actually going to have a baptism this week! Her name is G and her parents were baptized less than two years ago. It was a miracle in finding her, and she is so ready to be baptized! She is inviting everyone to the baptism. Actually it was super cool cause we had an appt with them yesterday night (aka the birthday!) and they had a chocoflan cake prepared for me and sang me the mexican happy birthday song and let´s just say I was very content. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Casually Freaking Out

MI HIJA!!!! Es de Park City Utah, her name is Hermana Z. She is so amazing! Doesn´t speak very much Spanish and doesn´t understand very much either but she is working hard and has such a great spirit! I am the first American-American (not Mexican American or anything like that) to train someone that also is American-American (without any experience in Spanish)... GO TEAM! Pray for us.

Top right pic is Hna M and the mission president's wife of the Hermosillo Mission! They came to visit Elder De Hoyos. Thanks for all the prayers, by the way, the piano playing went GREAT! It was so inspirational to hear him and learn how we can better teach our brothers and sisters here in the field! We are lead by leaders of God! 
Hno H, Hno R, Yo, Hna M, and Hna O! * Dysfunctional Picture with Familia de La R :)
I am so excited, I know this is the work of the Lord I see His miracles every day. I love you so very much. 

Hermana Burton (11 months old in the mission!)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kicked Out

I'm a Nephite! haha
Ok. What can I tell you about this week? Well. It was wonderful! I could see the hand of the Lord in my life every single day this week, and it made me so happy. He really is watching over us, and is there for us in our hardest moments. Let´s see. 

Some awesome news is that we were sitting in Relief Society and I was sitting next to one of my grandma´s, Grandma S, when she started telling me about when President HINCKLEY came to Obregon. And I was like. EXCUSE ME? PRESIDENT HINCKLEY CAME HERE? And she was like, well yes Honey, of course. He dedicated the Hermosillo temple and then visited the Saints here in Obregon! and I was in SHOCK. What?! That is so awesome! My favorite prophet and I have been in the same CITY! AHHH! And this city means so much to me! It makes me so happy to have received that news. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Choose Happy

I had a really tough week this week. But I was able to learn a lot and humble myself. We didn't have any investigators, but we did divisiones with the hermana leaders, and I was able to get lots of animo. Or like, encouragement. We were walking down the street, the Hna S and I and all the sudden I had a super strong prompting to stop and talk to one of the ladies that was in her house but had the door open, so I stop and almost shout at her, HOLA COMO ESTA? And she was taken back a little bit so I say, sorry, I am Hermana Burton, what´s your name? She told me her name and then I asked her for a drink of water. Little by little we gained her confidence and she let us in her house with AC! And we could share a really spiritual lesson with her and she wants to hear more about the gospel! So that made me really really happy. Even if we have only one, that´s something! Right? So pray for her that we can find a way to get her to church. She takes care of an old lady with Alzheimers and doesn't have days off.. I know a miracle can happen if we have enough faith! But I am grateful for HF and that He blesses us in big little ways :) 

Monday, June 1, 2015


District Selfie
Me and my companion!

This is a picture of my tank top because you can see the salt from my sweat!
It was 113 degrees the other day. And they said it´s just getting started!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Stay Faithful

God knows our efforts and if we continue with faith, we are going to receive the blessing. Something they told us in Relief Society this week just came to my mind: Sometimes we are need of a want or a blessing, and God sees our faith and says, okay, if they stay faithful for 5 weeks, I will give them the blessing. Then 4 weeks go by of faithful prayers and fasting and we give up saying that God doesn't answer prayers. What we don´t know is He was right there waiting to give us the blessing, we were the ones that gave up. Maybe I didn´t really explain it to well in English, but you know what I mean. I hope. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Good Laugh

The ward in my new area is super amazing! They have really strong testimonies. There is a little Grandma MC, and she is seriously the cutest little thing. We visited her this week and then later we saw her el domingo... I mean Sunday, haha. And she told me, Darling, the first moment I saw you, I loved you! I thought of cute Nana and gave her a great big hug. I love the Mexican culture because they are all so loving. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

In Barrio Pioneros

I was so happy to see you yesterday. This time was less painful... like it didn't affect me as much. It made me really happy and animated to work hard. And next time we talk, I am almost home! What in the world?  It is all happening too fast. 

Well I am here, transferred in barrio Pioneros. (pioneers) I am excited to be here. I mean it is a way different area. Really well off and everything. But I know that we are going to find exito also in what we do. I love the missionary work. Even though it´s hard. I have a feeling that this will be a good cambio. My companion is awesome. She is my first companion that isn´t Mexican or American! She is from Honduras! She is funny, and I think we are going to have exito this transfer. I always need your prayers to help me get along with comps, haha. But I am feeling that HF is helping me be more patient every day so that´s good. With myself and with others. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

God Loves Us Perfectly

Less than a week and I get to talk to you. I don´t know about you but these last five months went by so fast! I am so excited to talk to you again. Sometimes I struggle in the mission because I don´t like my weakness. I know, I know, who likes their weaknesses, right? But really it was such a sweet experience this morning because my amazing companion lifted me out of a really hard spot! I am so grateful for these 2 cambios that I have had with the hna R... I really hope that by some miracle we can stay together another transfer. But it is whatever the Lord has in store. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

God Loves Us!

I am doing really good here in Obregon, every day I am so grateful and realizing more and more the beauty of being a missionary. It is so hard but so beautiful. 

I also cannot believe that my Nana is 75! PARTY! Haha. I am so so so happy about that club that she has. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father, too. Don´t worry Mom, when you are older we will find you a club too! hahahahahaha jokes, jokes, we won´t even talk about that. 

This week went really well, we ate stomach again with some of our investigators! I really like it. We are having success with the people. The old hermana E, she hits me all the time and tells me I am really stubborn. Haha. I cant imagine why. But she is a crack up. And then we brought her to church again and when she wasn´t asleep she was pinching me. I love being a missionary. The Hermana S continues to be a great missionary as a recent convert! She is sharing the gospel with all her friends and family, so we hope to have success there in the near future. I am so grateful for all the support that I receive here in the mission. I am so grateful to have people that have my back. I feel so blessed by the Lord, although I am imperfect, the Lord loves me perfectly. He loves us all. Take a moment, all y'all and remember the love that the Lord has for you. If you doubt, pray about it. You will feel it! There is a quote that I love from Elder Holland that CHANGED MY LIFE this week. ¨the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don´t expect it and often feel they don´t deserve it.¨ God is good. God loves us! And I get to share His word every day. 

Hermana Burton

Monday, April 20, 2015


Well I have literally no time, I received so many emails. I am so thankful for all of the support!!!

I am so proud to be halfway done serving the Lord. we had so much success this week and I thank you for your righteous example siempre. My heart is so happy and my testimony so strong of this true and everlasting work, of my Savior Jesus Christ. He lives! And He loves us! 

Keep praying for me! I need it! 

1. We had a ¨day in the mission¨ and N went with us to our citas! she will be a powerful missionary. 
2. Hermana S! She was so ready and so prepared to be able to baptized. She will make a great member, we have seriously seen the miracles of God in her life! 
3. I don´t think you can read it but it says Hermana Princesa... its funny because the elders were walking in their area (which is close to ours) and this really drunk guy contacted them and said Are you from the same church as the princess? and the elders were like what princess? and he was like the white girl that always walks around in a skirt with the mexican girl! i think she is a princess! she had blondeish hair and like blue eyes! hahaha the elders won´t let me live it down! the whole district now knows me as Sister Princess. Thank you everyone, thank you drunk guy! 

This work is great and I love the Lord! HAPPY NINE MONTHS TO ME! WHOOOOOO! 
nine month old hermana B

Monday, April 13, 2015

More than Happy

La Hna E - ugly Spongebob sucker - YAKIMA APPLES!
I really felt your prayers this week! I know that you love me and have great faith in me. 

I don´t think I will change my major. I will have more job opportunities now that I speak Spanish, but I really have my heart set on OT. The more time I spend with old people here on the mish, and the excitement that I get every time that I see someone that has special needs testifies to me that it´s where the Lord wants me to be. 

It was kinda rainy this week, but by all means it was a really successful week. I was super happy. We also are going to have a baptism this weekend! Hna S is going to be baptized. She has been through a lot but her testimony is so strong. I am so proud of her. Miracles happen when we work with faith! 

I was more than happy to hear that this work is continuing at home. Tell Brother Richardson that I send my congratulations! This work is so good. 

I have been feeling really good this week. I am doing really good. Sometimes it´s hard recognizing my many mistakes, but I really learn everyday more about the GRACE of Jesus Christ. He is a perfect Savior that helps us through our time of need.

Hermana Burton 

Monday, April 6, 2015

I Believe in Christ

I seriously think about you all the time and so I am glad to hear that you think of me too! I am so grateful to Heavenly Father that I was raised in Pasco, (and Chiawana and all that jazz) because I truly feel that the Lord prepared me to serve this mission. And I get to go home and speak Spanish! How wonderful, right? 

 General Conference was awesome. I could watch some of the sessions in English, but didn´t catch all of it.  It kept freezing and then also I was helping with investigadores´ children. Haha! But I enjoyed hearing about all advice on the family.  Maybe everything isn´t exactly perfect, but things are good! actually the more time I spend here in mexico things are GREAT! We don´t have to worry about money, we have a family, we are blessed, we have so many resources. All of us, whatever country we may live in, are incredibly blessed as children of God. 

They didn´t celebrate Easter here. I guess it´s not really a thing. So that was a little sad, because I love Easter! But I really could study about my Savior and strengthen my testimony. I like the Ensign from this month that says being weak is not a sin! (the article)  It really helped me understand, finally, what GRACE is. I am so grateful for the Savior´s atoning sacrifice, and the forgiveness that He gives us to overcome sin and the GRACE He gives us to overcome weakness. It´s an infinite, perfect power, that we are mere mortal beings have access to! 

I am so thankful I am a missionary! I am living my dream. Sometimes I get too caught up in the mission life and forget what I am actually doing. But it´s a beautiful moment when I remember that I LONGED to be a missionary my whole life, and now, I am here. Helping REAL sons of daughters of God, watching them become who they need to be. 

I am really working hard to change myself here for the better on the mission. Some think I will come home the same, just older and wiser, but what I am aiming for is an Elder Holland life changing, ETERNITY changing experience. And it´s work! It´s noticing and admitting weaknesses and working to overcome them. 

But VALE LA PENA. I know I can´t do it without our Savior, either. It´s my eternal goal! Speaking of that, when the Choir sang I Believe in Christ I was amazed! It´s been about 9 months since I have heard that song and now that I speak two languages, when I hear things in English I really think about the words. My heart rejoiced and echoed the 4th verse. 

 I believe in Christ; he stands supreme!
From him I'll gain my fondest dream;
And while I strive through grief and pain,
His voice is heard: "Ye shall obtain."
I believe in Christ; so come what may,
With him I'll stand in that great day
When on this earth he comes again
To rule among the sons of men.

I know the Church is true! I know I am doing what´s right. You have my prayers and my love, continually. 

Love, love, love, love you 
Hermana Burton
Pig Skin: it actually doesn't taste that bad

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Wonderful Journey

The work is going super good, as always. Sometimes you really got to LOOK for the good, but when you find it, it´s like WOW, abundant blessings, my life is awesome. We have had some real success with the people here and we are happy. We had cambios and we are staying in the area together so we are super pumped! Seriously, we are going to see miracles this cambio I can feel it. My health is off the chain! Haha, okay, not really because I have had a cough, but it´s alright cause this elder brought me this special honey medicine and I have been taken spoonfuls and BOOM cough is gone. They have some pretty cool medical tricks here in Mexico.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy 8 Months to Me

SURPRISE! Happy 8 months to me, I miraculously found a APPLE FRITTER 
in the donut section! Go Mexico!

Monday, March 16, 2015


The weeks are passing by incredibly too fast, I am not okay with it! I can´t believe that in 7 little days I will have 8 months as a missionary.... we won´t even talk about what comes in April... okay. I am getting a little dizzy just thinking about it! I waited my whole life to go on a mission, why is it going by so fast? #lifelessonhuh? 

Well. This week we definitely pulled another "mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort". It was really sad to watch our investiagators go through these trials. But the beautiful thing is that they are so prepared because through these trials THEY STICK WITH THE GOSPEL! They recognize something that I think we, as members, forget. When we have trials, instead of leaving the Church or disobeying the commandments, we should OBEY and stick to the gospel. It is the only way. He is the only way! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Life of Service is a Life Worth Living and A Charity Dog

Banana Ninjas
 Well, here I am again at the computer writing an email. Is it just me or did this week go by incredibly fast? I am so thankful for all that we are able to do in the tiny weeks that we have.

This week.

Well is rained a lot. And we trudged through the lakes with our boots and our coats. NOBODY was outside, it was hilarious. We contacted a lot of wet dogs that day. Which reminds me.
I told you a couple weeks back that I was having a really hard time, and it never really left me. I wrote you a handwritten letter more about the experience but I just want to share with you something special.
We have a patio outside of our house, and in this patio, our neighbor´s little puppy snuck in over and over again to do it´s business. And I was beyond stressed one day and cleaned it all up, we went in to do a couple things, prayed, left again, and there was ANOTHER gift from the beloved dog. And that´s when my depression kicked in again, and I was ticked at this dog. I was mad. I let hate enter my heart for this dog.... so then we continue through the day and I am without purpose and disheartened and my dear companion helps me through it all (we LOVE her) and then the next day I see the dog again. And all these ugly feelings are in my heart and I take a rock and I throw it at him. And then I go inside and this feeling comes over me.... Why are you so angry at this little dog? And I realize that it isn´t the dog that has the problem... it´s me. So this rainy day we go to leave the house, and we see the dog cuddled up in our patio, trying to find protection from the rain. And it flees of fear when it sees me (with reason) and so then, something inside of my clicked in, I went and found a little blanket, but it in a dry spot under our roof, and poured some cereal for the dog. And then we went on our way. And really, this moment changed everything for me because all though it was rainy, my sadness was gone. It was awesome. God taught me a lesson through this little dog. We returned from the long wet day to see the dog cuddled up in the blanket, and let me tell you I was one happy camper. Peculiar as it is, we haven´t seen the dog since then. It no longer comes to visit us and do it´s business, nor has it been seen in the whole neighborhood. It´s almost like this dog was sent to test me, try me, and teach me patience and charity. and I am so grateful for it.

Monday, March 2, 2015

For The Rest of Our Lives

First off, I could not believe that Lachlan is baptized...nor that Kendra and Kiersten are home. WHAT IS THIS!? 

Second off, I thought about Natedawg [McBride] a lot this week. I know he is doing well. Keep supporting the McBride family.  If there is something I am learning in the mission it is that no one is immune to trials, that we need to support one another for the rest of our lives because that is what this work is all about. 

What differences have you seen in Ky? I am really trying to use the Atonement and to be better myself... I hope that we can see a difference when I come home because that´s really what this life is about, huh?

Well we are doing good over here. We are seeing the little miracles of everyday.

Something to share this week is my GRATITUDE for being extremely clean and teaching me how to clean because this week we did service in a place and DEBERAS DE QUE I had an anxiety attack because it was so dirty. It was like Hoarders. It was seriously like that. So that was crazy. But we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned, and at the end it was clean...ish. IT WAS also like Hoarders in that we had a hard time choosing what to throw away... don´t tell but when they weren't looking I just started chucking stuff in the garbage... including the unopened mail from 2006... hahaha. oh my goodness gracious I love the experiences of the mission. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Hit 7 Months!!!

This week was amazing! I love being here in Obregon. Our area is very small, but lots of people with a lot of potencial live within the boundaries. My Spanish is getting really really good, I can understand everything as if it was English, and also I can almost almost say everything that I want to... I am so blessed by our Heavenly Father with the gift of tongues. Yay for blessings! Heavenly Father is awesome. 

The hermana R is so awesome! So sweet and she wants to do what is right. We are going to have lots of success in this cambio. She is really easy to get along with, so we are having a great time. 

This week was awesome because I have literally never felt the prayers for me so strong in all of my mission! I could feel the strength from the prayers that are being said for me and it gave me a lot of animo. Which I am realizing is not a word in English... umm... like encouragement. 

Some Hermanas in our Zone*The Crew Back Together Again
My Companion and I

Monday, February 16, 2015

Compañera Mayor In Ciudad Obregón

This week was probably one the hardest weeks that I have had on the mission. I think that I passed through a little bit of depression this week. It was really hard. I felt empty, and alone. But I know that we have to pass through moments like that so that we can appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I came out on top with a lot of prayer and a lot of scripture study and faith, and I have a stronger testimony because of it. So in every trial there is a blessing, right? Satan can´t beat me. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Cherish Every Moment

Well this week was a little harder than the last couple weeks have been... but that is okay!  I have heard that Ky`s homecoming was the I am so proud of him! It`s still super weird to see pictures of him with all of you. We haven`t all been together for more than 2 years! Makes me so happy to hear that he is already going to the temple frequently. I think about the temple a lot, and how good it feels to be there. I love the temple! I am so excited to enter again in a year or so. 

It is funny because I am starting to forget more and more what the United States is like. For example, my companion asked me what the houses are like over there. I told her I have no idea. I think that`s a good thing! Cause it means that we are working really hard over here but it`s sure weird that the little unsignifacant things (like how to spell) I am forgetting. 

Monday, February 2, 2015


Hey.  How goes the work?

Let me just tell you, this was probably one of the best weeks that I have had as a missionary. Or perhaps in my entire life. You know that scripture in DyC when it says ¨How great shall be your joy if you bring one soul unto me?¨(or something like that, English really isn`t my thing anymore. Well, I FELT THAT JOY! I totally felt that joy. And it was awesome because it helped some of the sadness that`s been there since Nathan passed away.

Hermana Burton and friends
So many amazing things happened this week. I am seriously learning so much from my companion. She ain`t perfect and I ain`t perfect but we are going so well together. I seriously can see my progression as a person. I think... Heavenly Father is helping me become a peacemaker. Let me just tell you, it ain`t easy... but VALE LA PENA.

I have been wanting to tell you forever that I play the piano allll the time. I am getting way better too. Now I can play like almost all the hymns in the hymnbook and I LOVE PLAYING the piano. So thank you so much for forcing me all those years (just kidding you never forced me) and for my teachers and thank you for encouraging me because now we get to go bless the life of others through the talents God helped me develop.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Six Months

Oh my goodness, I was so happy to get those pictures. I was so so so excited.  Ky, that outfit is CLASSIC Italian. You look good, brother! 
The poster is too much for me! I L.O.V.E. it!!!
Well. What can I say. This week, my testimony of the Plan of Salvation grew a thousand billion times over. I have had very sacred experiences studying the scriptures, teaching others, and understanding more and more about the plan of God in our lives. I know what is coming after this life, and I want and need to give it all I can in this life so that I can achieve that vision after this life. 

I really really love having a Mexican companion because I am having a really hard time thinking in English right now. Haha. How cool that I am starting to master this language. I would say I am fluent now. It´s such a blessing from Heavenly Father. 

Sorry this letter is so random, it´s just all of my thoughts in one. 

Monday, January 19, 2015


Homecoming 2011
Note from Audrey's mom: Hermana Burton's friend, Elder McBride, also serving in another mission in Mexico died suddenly on Friday.
News article on Elder McBride

Needless to say, I am a little sad. But I am writing to you last so that my emotions could be controlled and the Savior could help me pull myself together. I guess I am kinda numb right now, but that´s okay too.   Man. This is really hard. I loved Nathan like my brother. We used to disagree about everything...but in the end we always could look over our differences. I remember when we took mission prep together...he was so prepared. And the Lord knew that his time was done. Man. 

Okay, well there are also good things happening this week. The Lord had one more return to His flock this week! A was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday. Hermana C and I work really well and really hard together. She is teaching me a lot about patience. I really love her. We are seeing lots of success in the field with some of our investigadores. 

My prayers are going out to the McBride family, I can´t even imagine what they are feeling right now but I know with a SURETY that everything is going to be okay. That we will see tall skinny Nathan again. Ahhhh McChicken. Now he´s serving on the other side. He´s so young... but I know God knows better than I. 

Ky comes home on my 6 month mark! How exciting! I love him so very much. Tell me how it goes! Send me a lot of pictures! 

Don´t really have a lot to say... like I said I am kind of numb.  I love you, this church is true, and that I am eternally grateful that families are forever. 

Hermana Burton 

Monday, January 5, 2015

I Can Expect Miracles

Well, I believe in miracles. 

I cried when I read your email because I forget sometimes, how many people have my back. 

We went to the doctor this Saturday, all bundled up like Russians because it`s actually getting cold out there. Okay, let`s be real it`s probably like 45 degrees in the morning but that`s really cold to me now. And the houses are built differently so it is colder in the houses than it is outside. Anyways. We took the hour bus ride to Navajoa, and my stomach was all in knots. We got to the doctor, got the results, and the doctor that was supposed to be there to discuss my condition, well she wasn`t there. So then I was super stressed out, and the nurse must have noticed because she got another doctor, who had worked with me earlier to translate my conditions... because my results are all in doctor language or something. We stepped inside his office and he asked how I was doing. I said I was doing good. I hadn`t really been walking a lot, and was feeling a lot better. He opened the results and then looked at me. I was like, what? And he said you have nothing. And I said, what? And he said you have nothing wrong with your thyroid. I started to cry. I started to cry first of frustration, if it isn`t my thyroid, what is the problem that I have? He explained to me that the worst was over and that I didn`t need to worry. I said okay and we left. He said, your lips aren`t purple anymore. Your legs aren`t swollen any more. He said I could get some compression socks to help my circulation, (like the kind Mrs Buckley has). I said no, thank you. Haha. 

I slowly realized what God had done for me. He had healed me. He has literally healed me from this sickness that I had. I now can walk without problems. My legs don`t get swollen anymore. I am taking my Aspirin every night to help with my circulation. But reading your email I know that I was healed through your faith. Through all of your prayers. I can expect miracles if I am doing what the Lord wants to me to do.