Monday, October 12, 2015

The Key to Know God

I love from the Liahona this month the article of Robert D Hales, The Plan of Salvation. It is a good reminder to me to have a eternal perspective. That is crucial. As a mother, as a sister, as a missionary, as a member of the church, as a human here on earth. 

One of the mottos that I have here on the mission goes like this... 
The key to know God is to struggle. 

I struggled a lot this week. It was a tough week. The awesome part is that God has taught me not to get discouraged. To look for the good. To laugh on my hardest days. 

In my hardest day this week, on my way home, I was stopped by Satan. Or should I say, a drunk man, but I know under who`s influence he was for he said to me, You! Where are you from? Argentina? 

No... I am from Washington. 

Why are you here? 

I am a missionary, I said... wanting nothing more than to just go back to the house. 

Are you happy here, little girl? 

Yes... I said. Unhappily. Hahaha.

Are you sure? 

I faked a smile. Yes! I am happy! 

Liar. You are not happy. Where is your mother? he asked.

In Washington.

And you don`t miss her? 

I said nothing. 

Vete a tu pais (Go back to your own country), he told me. Vete con tu mama. 

I left him standing in the street without saying another word, got home, knelt down and cried. A lot. 

But you know what, that's okay too. There are weeks like this. There are days like this. We are fighting against a grand leader. Satan has many followers. But we are stronger. Our Leader is perfect. And we will win in the end. The Plan of Salvation gives me hope. The Atonement gives me hope. Christ gives me hope. 

This next Sunday I will only have 3 months left. I can`t believe it. But I am going to give it all I got, for our family is in need of many blessings.  

I love you, 

Hermana Burton

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  1. Bless you,sweet girl. I have caught up with your emails & have smiled and wept a bit with each one. Keep strong! You are amazing! I love you. You are God's daughter, a divine, beautiful creation. My "ponderize" scripture this week is Mosiah 4:30 - and I WILL remember & be "watchful".