Monday, November 9, 2015

5 Thankfuls

 So my week and thankfuls:

1. Banana Bread. I am so so grateful for Hna M! She lived in Arizona for a long time and she learned how to make lots of stuff and she always makes us something Mexican and somethng American. We eat with her once a month, and this time she made us Banana Bread. I felt like I was home eating my after school snack. 

2. A great companion. Never have I laughed so hard and been taught so much by a companion (maybe mi hija but that`s it). She is an angel! I love her so much and am grateful for her example of quiet dignity. She is FUN as well. Makes the hard times easier and the good times better. 

3. Predicad Mi Evangelio (Preach My Gospel). It is so inspired and such a useful tool! While I studied it this week, I could recognize how I could be a better missionary. Be more humble was one of the promptings. I could study The Plan of Salvation a lot this week and we had a very powerful lesson with Hna RM, who lost her mom just a little while ago. We are very blessed as missioneras to have this tool! 

4. Seeing HNA G in the stake conference! I saw her Saturday night, and Sunday! It makes me so so happy to see her so faithful. She is planning to go to the temple to do baptisms el 28 de Noviembre! I am so excited for her. I love her so so much! 

5. They asked us Saturday night if we would SING in stake conference the next day, my comp and I and four elders. We said yes! It was a super fun experience, we sang the Family is of God, its a primary song but it was part of Hna Munives message that we need better parents if we want better families. I only laughed a little bit (my weakness in public speaking and singing). It was a blessing! 

I feel incredibly blessed to be a missionary. I feel close to Christ. It isn`t easy, but it is worth it! We are so blessed to know of the wonderful and perfect plan. 


Hermana Burton

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