Monday, April 20, 2015


Well I have literally no time, I received so many emails. I am so thankful for all of the support!!!

I am so proud to be halfway done serving the Lord. we had so much success this week and I thank you for your righteous example siempre. My heart is so happy and my testimony so strong of this true and everlasting work, of my Savior Jesus Christ. He lives! And He loves us! 

Keep praying for me! I need it! 

1. We had a ¨day in the mission¨ and N went with us to our citas! she will be a powerful missionary. 
2. Hermana S! She was so ready and so prepared to be able to baptized. She will make a great member, we have seriously seen the miracles of God in her life! 
3. I don´t think you can read it but it says Hermana Princesa... its funny because the elders were walking in their area (which is close to ours) and this really drunk guy contacted them and said Are you from the same church as the princess? and the elders were like what princess? and he was like the white girl that always walks around in a skirt with the mexican girl! i think she is a princess! she had blondeish hair and like blue eyes! hahaha the elders won´t let me live it down! the whole district now knows me as Sister Princess. Thank you everyone, thank you drunk guy! 

This work is great and I love the Lord! HAPPY NINE MONTHS TO ME! WHOOOOOO! 
nine month old hermana B

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