Monday, February 16, 2015

Compañera Mayor In Ciudad Obregón

This week was probably one the hardest weeks that I have had on the mission. I think that I passed through a little bit of depression this week. It was really hard. I felt empty, and alone. But I know that we have to pass through moments like that so that we can appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I came out on top with a lot of prayer and a lot of scripture study and faith, and I have a stronger testimony because of it. So in every trial there is a blessing, right? Satan can´t beat me. 

Well, we had cambios and I am now in Ciudad Obregon with Hna R from California and speaks Spanish from birth. I am compañera mayor for the first time in the mission! So that´s cool I guess.

I met a lady from Washington today in one of the bus stations that we were at. She comes down when it gets cold in the United States. She lives over by Olympia. But she was nice! Which reminds me the other week we were here in Ciudad Obregon for a junta and it was so awesome because we were waiting for the bus in this big bus station when someone tapped my shoulder and said, Hi, Sister. And it was this middle aged Mormon couple from Utah! It was awesome. They just really emitted light and it was so amazing to be able to speak with them. I might or might not of cried from happiness after. 

Love all of you, 
keep working hard. 
I will be too. 

Hermana Burton 

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