Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanks to Him

My comp went to Guaymas today so we really haven't had much time but this week has been amazing, one of my most successful weeks in the mission. Hermanito JR was baptized, one of my favorite hermanas was reactivated, we taught 10 lessons with members present, I love the barrio Reforma, and I am so so grateful that I can play piano for the PRIMARY PROGRAM! It went perfectly. I actually was struggling with a certain part of He Sent His Son, and prayed specifically to God that He would help me with that part and I played it perfectly thanks to Him. 

And that makes me super happy. Also when HB went to Guaymas, I stayed with Hna Z and Hna S aka my mom and my daughter! It was a blast to be able to be with them. I sure love Hermana Z. And my mom Hermana S but there is something about having a daughter that is just something so cool! I am so blessed to have been able to train my twin! 

We aren't going to do anything related to Thanksgiving, they obviously don't celebrate it here, but I will be thinking of you this Thursday! And this Saturday. Grateful for the support of the families. We are really really blessed. So amazed that Papa Tom and Oma are going. Please send me lots and lots of pictures.

Sorry that I am not sending pics I am actually a little frustrated because I took lots of pictures for you this week but I guess we can`t send pictures here, which makes me sad. But that`s okay.

K love you

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