Monday, July 27, 2015

Bye Bye July

Absolutely no time to write. I went to Guaymus for my VISA and we got home late, and then I spent time writing the kids because the week before I didn´t write them that good of emails.Thank you for everything. Yes i got the foto book and I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 20, 2015

One Year of Service

I am actually really content and have been able to feel the prayers that you are all sending me. I am so grateful to know that we have a merciful Heavenly Father and a loving Savior that are willing to help us. Like Paul, I glory in my weaknesses because through them I can see the power of Christ! 

I cannot believe that I will completing a year in the service of our Lord this Thursday. I honestly am so honored and so excited. We saw an airplane today, and Hermana Z said to me, Do you know how far away that plane is? Six months. Today is literally six months before I am going to see you in the little Pasco Airport! How could time have gone so quickly? Granted, I know that six months are still a solid amount of time, and I am grateful for that, but it still seems incredibly real now, where before it didn't seem so real that I would sometime take a plane ride home. There is a song that Hna Z has that we listen to, it´s called The Work: The Hardest Thing I´ve Ever Loved to Do by the Nashville Tribute band.  Anyways, it´s really precious and describes exactly how I feel! WOW! Six more months of diligent work, I promise I am going to stay obedient, and HAPPY. 

A ver, what else. Today was super awesome. We had a zone activity, we cleaned the capilla, played volleyball and then ate lunch together. It´s really fun to just take out our stress that way. Sometimes the work is hard but we also can enjoy it in a healthy way, and we did that! Yay! I have some cool pictures I will be sending your way. We went and swung in the park after (our favorite thing to do). Overall it´s been a solid day. Even if it is 107 degrees today. It´s casual. 

This week, I also had a moment that really tested me. As we were walking to the house of Hna G, the new sheep in the fold of God!, we said Buenas Noches! All happy and what not to this lady in the street. With the most vicious face she spat at our feet (here it´s even more disrespectful that it would be in the US, it´s like a big grosería). Hna Z luckily didn't really register what she had done because we kept walking quickly but turns to me and says, did she sneeze or something? Not wanting to believe what had just happened and I said, no she actually spit at us. And we kind of kept walking in silence, remembering that they too, spat at our Savior. Luckily when we got to the house of G, she had surprised us with... wait for it... LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA! So I was pretty happy. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Moment

I don´t remember much about the elders in the Columbia Basin Ward that came to our house in Pasco, before they changed it to hermanas, but the only thing that I remember clearly is when one missionary, a really cool elder, shared 2nd Nefi 31:20 with our family. He took it apart piece by piece, asking us inspired questions and letting our testimonies grow. It really affected my life. No idea what the elder´s name was. Or where he was from or anything. But I do remember that moment with him. And it was life changing. 

Monday, July 6, 2015


Wow. What can I say? This week was crazy.  And by crazy, I mean incredibly stressful. And by incredibly stressful, I mean I know this is true or I wouldn't be here anymore. 

First off, I am living without money. So that´s fun. And then second off, we cleaned the house for eight hours on tuesday, and not just clean, but deep Pop-approval clean, only to find out that we weren't going to move. And we didn't move because there were problems with the contract and the other landlord and everything. So I was a little stressed to say the least with that, and then I love training but sometimes I don´t feel that I am capaz.... like... what´s the word in English.... whatever. I don´t feel good enough to train sometimes. And then I get mad at myself because I am not perfect and I have been on my knees just begging for His forgiveness and my district leader called and was like what´s wrong with you? and I am like I have been super stressed.  I just feel like Goob a little bit.

But I have to look at the blessings too. Because Hna G got baptized! And it was my favorite holiday! Hna Z and I dressed up in our red white and blue and we ended the night in bed looking up at the ceiling pretending there was fireworks and singing the National Anthem. It was good having an American companion. She is seriously an amazing comp. We have so much in common, it´s kinda creepy.