Monday, March 30, 2015

A Wonderful Journey

The work is going super good, as always. Sometimes you really got to LOOK for the good, but when you find it, it´s like WOW, abundant blessings, my life is awesome. We have had some real success with the people here and we are happy. We had cambios and we are staying in the area together so we are super pumped! Seriously, we are going to see miracles this cambio I can feel it. My health is off the chain! Haha, okay, not really because I have had a cough, but it´s alright cause this elder brought me this special honey medicine and I have been taken spoonfuls and BOOM cough is gone. They have some pretty cool medical tricks here in Mexico.

I was so pumped too for the Women's Meeting last Saturday!!! It was so cool to be listening to the words... well actually we didn´t hear President Hinckley´s voice, because it was in Spanish! Haha. But it was awesome to be a part of that wonderful conference. I loved President Eyring´s talk... it´s too true. If you aren´t learning compassion in the mission...or in life, you aren´t living right. This life isn´t about us... it´s about learning from your trials and mistakes so that you can help other people!

It's ASPARAGUS SEASON! Here it´s called ESPÁRRAGOS! So funny, right? That´s super exciting. I am so grateful that I lived on the farm before coming here, honestly its helped me out it a lot of ways. I know Heavenly Father prepared my pre-mission life exactly for these moments.

I am working on memorizing the Living Christ and it is so beautiful. I know that Christ lives. I know it! My personal testimony of Jesus Christ is stronger every day. I know that He lives and that He loves us.

What else can I tell you? We went to Dairy Queen today and ate blizzards... I honestly WAS SO HAPPY. My companion took a picture of my joy without me knowing and I will send it to you because I think it´s funny how excited I got for Dairy Queen! Honestly it´s so fun to have these little recuerdos of home! It was a bittersweet moment because we went to have a going home party for one of the elders that I LOVE. He has been like a brother to me, supporting me, and our whole district, in everything! He is really a true example of Christ. It´s the hard part about the mission. You meet people that you learn to love and they help you change for the better and just like that they are gone! And you will never see them again. In this life, that is. But I wouldn´t give up the mission for anything... just commenting that it´s sometimes hard to say goodbye. (ISNT THAT JUST LIKE LIFE).

My life is really good. I am loving Mexico, loving the people, and learning to love myself!  It is a wonderful journey to serve a mission.

Thank you for your prayers and fasts and temple attendances. They are blessing me more than you know.
keep the faith! I love you to the moon and back! and forever!

hermana Burton

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