Monday, June 15, 2015

Kicked Out

I'm a Nephite! haha
Ok. What can I tell you about this week? Well. It was wonderful! I could see the hand of the Lord in my life every single day this week, and it made me so happy. He really is watching over us, and is there for us in our hardest moments. Let´s see. 

Some awesome news is that we were sitting in Relief Society and I was sitting next to one of my grandma´s, Grandma S, when she started telling me about when President HINCKLEY came to Obregon. And I was like. EXCUSE ME? PRESIDENT HINCKLEY CAME HERE? And she was like, well yes Honey, of course. He dedicated the Hermosillo temple and then visited the Saints here in Obregon! and I was in SHOCK. What?! That is so awesome! My favorite prophet and I have been in the same CITY! AHHH! And this city means so much to me! It makes me so happy to have received that news. 

What else happened this week... I don´t even know. It feels like yesterday that I was at this computer writing to you! We could find some more investigators and work with the members more this week, so that made me happy. It is still hot but I am getting used to it. That makes me happy as well! Don´t worry, I am drinking lots of water and now Gatorade as well because we sweat so much that we need to put some salts back in our bodies! haha. They say in August you can come home to shower during the day because you sweat so much! Let´s see if it´s true. The sweating part and the shower part. Haha. 

We had one of our investigators come to church! We were so excited. She hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet, but that's okay. Little by little. Hermana M is going to go with us to an appt with her today, so hopefully we can help prepare Hna S more for baptism! I sure love doing this beautiful work. Even if it´s hard sometimes. 

It was really cool because in one of our lessons, at the end I told the lady, I know that is sounds a little crazy what we are saying, that angels came down from heaven and that God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith, but I know that it is true! And she replied and said something super cool! She said well that´s true, it does sound a little crazy, but there is something inside of me that says if there were prophets like Moses and Jesus Christ, and they rejected them and didn't believe in them in their day, well why can't there be prophets in our day as well? And I was like, YEAH HERMANA EXACTLY! THAT´S THE HOLY GHOST! Haha, it made me so excited to see the Spirit working with one of our investigators like that. 

Also something super funny happened this week, we went to go visit a menos activo that Hna M and I didn't even know, but we were like hey we should go visit him. Well his mom opens the door and is like, well he had a super bad accident and he´s not 100 percent okay in the head but I will tell him you are here and goes to get him and Hna M and I are like.... um okay. And then the mom leads us in the house and we sit down with the menos activo and he starts to talk to us, and is like super regular so we are like, great this is awesome! But then he starts to say some WEIRD stuff. Like WEIRD stuff and we were like... ummmm... and then he started giving all these weird examples comparing the gospel to like flavored water or something and then we were like okay hermano, well can we sing a hymn? And he is like sure so we sing the hymn and we say the prayer and he says, well thanks a lot but you have to go now. And we were like excuse me? and he says would you like to leave or would you like to say bye to my mom? and I was like, so it´s not an option to stay and share a message with you... and he says, it´s not that i´m kicking you out of my house, its your decision, would you like to say bye to my mom or would you like to leave? Haha. So in that beautiful manner that hopefully makes sense in English I was officially kicked out of my first house in my mission! Almost 11 months in! It was a good experience, my comp and I laughed about it a good while.

One of the 70, Elder Benjamin De Hoyos is going to visit us this week! We have a huge conference this Saturday, I am pretty excited. I am going to be playing to piano! Can you believe it? I will be playing the piano for the 70! Tell Sister Lillywhite THANK YOU! And pray for me because I am nervous! I know it's going to be a great meeting. I will let you in on more deets next week. 

Hermana Burton

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