Monday, August 31, 2015

13 Months of Service

Hermanas & Haircuts
How are things going with the Books of Mormon? I was so happy to hear that you bought them and am excited to see what happens with the miracles of the Lord! 

Speaking of miracles! We were in the middle of an extremely hot and miserable day when one of the companionships from our zone call us, HERMANA BURTON! They say, and I say, what? All grumpy and what not. They are like you will never believe what just happened. We were walking in the street when a man contacted us and said, hold on hermanas! I have something for you and entered his house. and they were really confused but they waited out there and he appeared and says, I have cards from Washington! And then they were more confused... but then they say it was my credit card, and my ID, and my mission credit card, and my TEMPLE RECOMMEND! and they said no way! And he says I don´t have the wallet, there was no money in it, but I do have the cards, and this is all that there was and well I hope you can give them to their owner! And they called me right away and we were freaking out because after 10 weeks an honest man had someone found all of my cards and returned everything! I still don´t know the whole story, but I will know this Friday, we have a junta de zona! I am so excited. I feel so blessed and am so grateful for your constant faithful prayers. God answers in His own time. He teaches us faith and patience. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

How Many Apples in The Seed

That´s sad Jed’s getting as tall as you. That means I am the shortest sibling. Haha. Maybe I have grown on the mission. Maybe. But no. Haha. I just feel tall with all these Mexicans.
A beautiful sweet lady that was asking for money, and I told her
I don´t have money to give but I can give you this folleto!
And she said, honey, with this folleto
you gave me more than money could ever give.  Thank you, thank you!
And my heart melted and I asked her for a picture.
We were waiting for our bus to take us to Guaymas.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Pues no tenemos mucho tiempo la verdad.... oh my gosh I just realized I was writing in Spanish. How embarassing. I am going to leave it because it´s funny. Anyways! As I was saying... But in another language. HI! Sorry that we don´t have lots of time, my companion has a sickness called dengue, so we just left the house! I AM DYING! I hate being in the house. But it´s okay if my daughter can get better :) 

Monday, August 10, 2015

For The Cause

This week was pretty stellar. I don´t know why, I imagine it is all your awesome fasting and praying, so I am really thankful for that. But yeah so this Sunday I just got a bunch of animo and was Hna Z, let´s go to work. And we worked harder than we ever have, we tried to stay super obedient, we looked for the good even when things got rough and tried not to faint when it got to 118 degrees. And we were blessed! We could have some amazing spiritual experiences with a lot of people and I felt super blessed by the Lord because I was able to grow up a little bit spiritually. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Staying Here in Pioneros!

We had cambios! And I am staying here in Pioneros! For my third transfer. This is officially the longest time I have spent in one area. It´s awesome though because I LOVE the members here and we have a goal to work with them more, now that they love us a lot, it is going to be much easier to get their references and help them and help all their friends and BAPTIZE ALL OF OBREGON! Haha. I once knew an elder that said, every one in Obregon wants to be baptized, they just don´t know it yet. True that, home brother! 

We moved FINALLY to a new apartment and wow what a change it is has made. It is so much cuter, so much cheaper, the spirit is stronger, we are happier and I HAVE A BIG BED so you know how happy that makes me! It is so awesome. It rained more this week, trying to have a positive attitude but it´s a little hard when we are walking through a DISGUSTING lake. I think I would take 114 degree weather over rain here. Seriously. Yuck.