Monday, December 29, 2014

Just Like That

It was so so so so so so good to talk to you. I will never forget the moment when you and KY popped up on the screen. I guess I wasn't expecting to see my big brother or had forgotten how beautiful you are because I just cried of JOY! Haha. It was so awesome.

I actually read my setting apart blessing frequently, and some of the very phrases that you used from my blessing had stood out to me this week too. I actually cried to read your sweet email (WOW, who am I crying all the time) and well, yeah. I just know that we don´t need to worry. We just need to have faith. And actually this week I realized that sometimes having the faith helps us find the problems so that we can solve them, and also sends us people to help us with our trials. Thank you for all your prayers and your love!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

So Much Joy

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope yall are doing well and enjoying the cold weather, because I am LOVING this 70 degree weather we still have here in good old Huatabampo. Don´t even ever forget the real meaning of Christmas, because He (Jesus Christ) is really the only meaning of our lives, we owe everything to Him! I love love love the mission because even though its hard, doing what I love and helping God complete His purpose (Moses 1:39) is the best thing that I could ever, ever ask for! We had our Christmas posada this week with the President and another zone from Obregon so that was fun. I love Christmas! I love my life! 5 months as a missionary and no regrets. So excited to spend the rest 13 months serving the Lord... But I really am learning here that I plan on serving the Lord for the rest of my life, it´s the only life worth living. 

Hermana Burton

Oh and also, I get to say FELIZ NAVIDAD to the people in the street, and that gives me so much joy it is almost unexplainable. MY LIFE ROCKS. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Give All That You Have

Let's answer the questions first. 
1. I have only been jumped three times... haha just kidding. 

Describe your Ward/branch and leaders. Well. Our branch is relatively large, and the members are really awesome and super cool. Especially the youth. They are really excited to serve missions, almost all of them. They love English and are pretty much willing to drop everything to help us with the obra misional! The president`s name is President A. He is seriously one of the coolest men I have ever met. So humble and so faithful to the Lord. He visits the members, even the inactive ones and gets to know them and their circumstances, their worries. He passes for them in the morning before church. He didn't have counselors when I got here (there aren't very many active men in the ward) but two just got called, and they are pretty fun. I don`t really know how to describe the people here except that they are mostly all like Uncle Deans and the hermanas are like Mrs. Claus. hehe. Shout out to Uncle Deaner! There are a lot of single women that come to church and there are really awesome. Normally the members attend one week, and not the other, and the next week again. So we are trying to work on strengthening the rama so that we can all have success. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Always Always

So we are spending one hour today and one hour tomorrow because my companion went to Guaymus, so I am only going to send this short little email and then write one tomorrow. Sometimes this mission is so so so hard, but then I remember why I am here and everything changes. This week I had a really hard moment, and I know exactly why God put me with Hermana T, because she told me exactly what I needed to hear. 

That I have the privilege of being a representative of Jesus Christ is beyond my comprehension. That I am doing what I ALWAYS ALWAYS dreamed of doing is beyond my greatest happiness. I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord. I know He is real, and that He loves us, and that I get to help his fulfil His Purpose (Moses 1:39), and have the same purpose for the next year and a month as my Savior, now that is really cool. 

I will write you a longer letter tomorrow, okay? Just know that I will never, not ever regret serving this mission. Yeah, it´s kinda hard to be away from home during the holidays. But I think about this, that I am sacrificing a year of my life, for someone who sacrificed His life for me, so that others can have the life eternal. 

We will talk on Christmas day, I have no idea when, or where, or how. Hopeful for Skype. My area is really poor. I will answer your questions next email, OK?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Reading in Spanish

Oh and here is my CHRISTMAS CARD! Ho ho ho.
Hi and how are you? I am doing really really good, here in Huatabampo. Thank you for the Family History information! You are the best! I love hearing your words from back home. Sad that Chiawana [Highschool football] lost, happy that they made it so far. Thanks for the pictures though too, that was sweet. But those are some MAJOR beards. Haha. That´s something I just realized about Mexico: There are a lot of staches, but a little amount of beards. Hehe.

Well there isn´t an incredible amount of things to tell you this week. I went on splits with the hermanas from Navajoa, and got to know their areas and investigators. It was so awesome to see the gospel in action with the rest of our zone. It´s so cool to think of the 88,000 missionaries teaching all around the world. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Learning to Love Huatabampo

First I am going to answer your questions: 
1. The Apartment: is one room. Literally one room that contains, our desks, our beds, our fridge, our ironing board, we have literally everything that we need and so I like it. But when I got there it was a MESS because it´s been a missionary house forever... ew there was some ancient food in the pantries and stuff. Don´t worry, I am my mother's daughter and every day the apartment is more clean! Hehe. We have a little bathroom and we have hot water! so that´s a plus. Well.... kinda hot water.
2. My companion: I love her so much. She is one of the funniest people that I have ever met. Our personalities mesh super well. She gets stressed really easily because she wants to do her best. She is a sister training leader so she feels a lot of responsibility but she is awesome. We are going to have a great transfer. There are also two elders here in the rama with us. One is a GREENIE and man, it is sooo funny to watch greenies. HAHA. And the other is from here in Mexico. There is also a senior couple serving in this area, and they are super funny.