Monday, November 30, 2015

Weird or What

Thanksgiving never fails me.... 

I got super sick this week. Guess the doctor told me I had a parasite and threw up a TON and lets just say a lot more stuff happened. I was seriously so weak! We shower with a bucket, but I had to bring my chair in the shower in order to bathe myself because I seriously did not have any energy. I am in treatment, and feel better, but I have no appetite. At all. I could never eat again and be very happy. 

This week was really a challenging one, not one of our five investigators that have baptism dates and should of gone to church went, but the silver lining is all that is happening at home and also that a menos activa that we were teaching is now reactivated and went to the temple with the members this week! Also Barrio Reforma is so awesome and helped me during my sickness! 

Thank you, thank you for your prayers and your support. Yesterday things just got a little too tough, so we sat down on a bench and let a couple tears fall from my eyes. Everything just kinda overwhelmed me, and I realized that some day I will have to leave Mexico and not have been able to help every single person (have to remember Mother Teresa, we help who is in our reach), and to see all the sad things that small children have to suffer, and the poverty that I have never and at this extreme will never live, and that Ky is now married and our lives are changed forever and the only thing that truly could come out of my mouth was, I miss my mom

But, as always, I felt the Spirit comfort me and we kept going, kept preaching, and made it home at the end of the day. 

Hermana Burton

LAST CAMBIOS this Sunday... weird or what. 

Family Reunion hahaha

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