Monday, February 2, 2015


Hey.  How goes the work?

Let me just tell you, this was probably one of the best weeks that I have had as a missionary. Or perhaps in my entire life. You know that scripture in DyC when it says ¨How great shall be your joy if you bring one soul unto me?¨(or something like that, English really isn`t my thing anymore. Well, I FELT THAT JOY! I totally felt that joy. And it was awesome because it helped some of the sadness that`s been there since Nathan passed away.

Hermana Burton and friends
So many amazing things happened this week. I am seriously learning so much from my companion. She ain`t perfect and I ain`t perfect but we are going so well together. I seriously can see my progression as a person. I think... Heavenly Father is helping me become a peacemaker. Let me just tell you, it ain`t easy... but VALE LA PENA.

I have been wanting to tell you forever that I play the piano allll the time. I am getting way better too. Now I can play like almost all the hymns in the hymnbook and I LOVE PLAYING the piano. So thank you so much for forcing me all those years (just kidding you never forced me) and for my teachers and thank you for encouraging me because now we get to go bless the life of others through the talents God helped me develop.

M was baptized!!!!! And he was confirmed and received the priesthood on Sunday. For those that don`t know, they usually wait to give the priesthood, one or two weeks after the baptism, but they interviewed him and know that he is so prepared, so they gave him the responsibility of the Aaronic priesthood yesterday. It`s so awesome because he is so pumped to pass the sacrament next week. I am so proud of him! He is like my big brother... well he is my big brother in the Lord! He is a really quiet person... but when he does talk you can just tell he is going to be a powerful leader in the church one day. He wants to wait to go on a mission, so pray for him with me that he will start to have desires to go on a mission in just one year. He is golden. SO golden. When we were in the reunion sacramental, he received the Holy Ghost. I honestly was sitting there at the piano crying, because it seriously was the most beautiful moment of my life. This gospel changes lives. I have seen it two times now and I hope to keep seeing it for the rest of my mission. Wanna know something else cool? The boy that baptized is my reactivado :) Well he is the Lord`s reactivado... but I got to be an instrument in the Lord`s hands in reactivating him. He is super pumped to help us with the missionary work, but has fear of going on an actually mission. His name is G, if you want to pray for him too.

Also we were washing the clothes with Hna O (my grandma here in Huatabampo) and she was telling us about her husband. And he drank and never wanted anything with the church but through miracles changed and was a faithful member at the end of his life. And he died July 15, 2003 of a heart attack. Guess who his companion is in the heavens? I seriously was so happy when she told me that. I told her about Pop and we both agreed that they are working hard on the other side to bring souls unto Christ.

I officially have 5 meses here in Mexico! That went by quickly.  Three jovenes from our rama are going on missions really soon, and so they all went to the temple this last week. I was so jealous of them! I was so happy for this step that they are taking in their lives but I was really sad that I couldn`t go and be with them! Haha.

I can`t believe you just asked about the food.... hahaha. We eat so good! We had Cafe Rio the other day, but like LEGIT, and it was seriously the yummiest food I have ever had it my life. We eat lots of beans... I really like beans now! I like crave them sometimes. Haha. And we eat tortillas like nobody`s business, and I think that I am going to have a real hard time when we go home and have those nasty tortillas. I think I will have to take lots of trips to downtown Pasco... luckily I still have a beautiful year ahead of me. So to answer your question... it is so incredibly different the food. And I like it here better, but I still like it over there too. Another thing is that there is NO SALAD here. Not really a lot of fruit. I mean like there is but there isn`t. And they use pure fat to make their food. And they make their desserts really yummy. Haha.

I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting. It is the first time that I have born my testimony in public like that in Spanish and was actually super surprised to hear the echo back in the microphone because I was like... what? I am speaking Spanish and I sound Mexican is this real life? but I bore my testimony about Nathan and also about how amazing it is to see A and M as members of the church and I cried some more. I was really a crybaby this week... oh man. But the Spirit was so strong and really I am so grateful to Heavenly Father that I can speak Spanish fluently. What a gift He has given me so that I can love and help His people here in Mexico. It is a blessing that I have wanted for almost my whole life... I still remember when I was little and didn't want the Bionicles to speak Spanish... I have now decided that it is a pretty awesome language.

I am continuing to love Huatabampo more and more each day. What an amazing little town this is. I love looking back and realizing how the Lord has changed me for the better in this pueblito.

This mission is seriously the best decision that I have made in my entire life. I love what I do because I know who I do it for. I feel His presence in my life more and more each day. I understand so much more about the church that I did before I came on a mission, and that is after 19 years of FHE, family scripture study, and church every single sunday. I have learned so much more in these 6 months than I ever thought possible, and I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for my family and friends. My life is so blessed by my God that I love infinitely.

Until next week! They go by so fast!

Hermana Burton

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