Monday, June 8, 2015

Choose Happy

I had a really tough week this week. But I was able to learn a lot and humble myself. We didn't have any investigators, but we did divisiones with the hermana leaders, and I was able to get lots of animo. Or like, encouragement. We were walking down the street, the Hna S and I and all the sudden I had a super strong prompting to stop and talk to one of the ladies that was in her house but had the door open, so I stop and almost shout at her, HOLA COMO ESTA? And she was taken back a little bit so I say, sorry, I am Hermana Burton, what´s your name? She told me her name and then I asked her for a drink of water. Little by little we gained her confidence and she let us in her house with AC! And we could share a really spiritual lesson with her and she wants to hear more about the gospel! So that made me really really happy. Even if we have only one, that´s something! Right? So pray for her that we can find a way to get her to church. She takes care of an old lady with Alzheimers and doesn't have days off.. I know a miracle can happen if we have enough faith! But I am grateful for HF and that He blesses us in big little ways :) 

Comp and I had some more disagreements this week. I am really trying to be humble so this time I just listened. And listened. And listened some more. I think she was talking to me for about an hour. But I took what I could from what she said and I am trying to be a better person, a better missionary, and a better companion. More than anything I am trying to be happy, doing what the Lord wants me to do. I received a blessing from our ward mission leader, he and his wife are more grandparents for me here, and he told me to trust God and that everything was going to be alright. He told me that before this life I knew that it wasn´t going to be easy. He told me that I was aware before the world was created that the mission that I am serving was going to be hard but it was going to be worth it. So that gave me a lot of hope to keep going. Even when I thought I was going to die of heat stroke. haha! Kidding. Kind of. 

I am really happy here. And I think that´s the key not only to the mission but also to life. To choose happy. To be happy. To look for the good and the little miracles of life. Choose to believe. I am looking for ways to strengthen my faith. I know there are more people here waiting for the gospel. I want to find them! But I also know that if I do my part, God will do His, and I am really happy for that. His way is the best way. He always keeps His promises. I can´t believe Hannah Stock already has a year in the mission! That is crazy. That means that I will have a year here pretty soon. Not excited for birthday this year. I don´t want to be 20! I want to stay young! How did 20 years pass by so quickly? 

I am grateful to be serving my Lord and to walk with Him. It´s a long tough road, but it´s worth it. We contacted 106 people in the street this week, so I beat one of my mission goals. That made me pretty happy. I am happy for TJ being baptized! 

I am learning so much more on my mission than I ever hoped. It is truly something beautiful. 

Hermana Burton 

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  1. Hermana Audrey, your posts and pictures are a joy to read, even the hard ones. We pray for you every day in family prayer. I love your little gems of insight you are gaining through your experiences. I often tell our RS ladies about you when I teach. We love you! Keep listening to the Spirit & spreading the love of our Savior. Hugs, Aunt Lisa