Monday, September 28, 2015

Coming To Know

This week was great. And by great. I mean I spent the whole week in bed. Sick.


I could not believe it. I was like, this would be the week that I get sick, the very week that I plead to pray for me and my health. It was horrible! I won´t get into the details but let me just tell you it was a pretty miserable week. Yesterday was our first day out in the field and I loved it! How I am going to miss teaching the children of God when I leave this place. Have I told you I love Mexico? All though there are many things that I do NOT love, overall it is an amazing place with awesome people. I feel so blessed. My companion took good care of me, and the million pills that the doctor gave me (because that´s how people get better here, so not what I am used to at home) worked, and now my stomach, body aches, fever, cold and cough are gone. Woohoo! Well, kinda gone. But gone enough.

I am so excited that the missionaries could go to FHE and help you. There can be miracles, when you believe! Sing it with me now.

Speaking of singing, today, fed up with the semana, I started to sing Disney songs to my companion. I was surprised A) that I knew all the words to the songs and B) that she recognized the songs and would guess from what princess movie it came. And she got most of them right! Boo yeah. And also played the piano at church. I love playing the piano. Thank you Mom, Sister Lillywhite and Sister Bleazard.

What else? Yesterday one of the worst experiences of my whole mission happened. We went to visit one of the old ladies that we visit, and she said where were you this morning? I waited for you all morning and you never came. And I tried to call but I had the wrong number. I got up really early, got showered, I even put up make up on so I could look beautiful for God. But you never came.

How could I have forgotten the promise I made to this lady? That I would pass for her and take her in her wheelchair to the church? How could I have done that? I started to cry and begged her to forgive me. She is perfect, and so she forgave me immediately but I felt awful. That morning, I had gotten ready and went to sleep more because I was tired and my body hurt. I did that, my OWN WILL instead of asking the Lord what it was that I needed to do for Him. I studied so much about that this week, putting the will of God in our life instead of doing our own will. And you know what? I didn't learn how to put it in practice! I felt horrible. I know I need to forgive myself... but I honestly felt so awful. I guess sometimes we need horrible experiences like these to help us be humble and think outside ourselves.

Also, Hermana L got baptized this week! She is seriously the investigator most golden that I have ever seen in my mission. She gets it! She loves it! She lives it. She is going to be a solid member. I didn´t do much in the teaching, I only finished it and was there for the baptism. Kinda lame because the number counts for me when it really shouldn´t. I sure don´t like this whole number thing... I would just rather be the Lord´s seed planter. That´s something new I have learned on my mission. I am content without the praise of the world beause God knows me.

That´s something I also learn this week through my studies. God is real! God lives and He loves me and knows me... and is oh, so patient with me. Watched the Testaments and cried (as always) when Christ says Helam´s name at the end of the movie. The Spirit testified to me.... Christ knows each one of our names. He is so much more real than we believe Him to be. He loves us so much. I am so proud to be a representative in His name. I guess that´s something we can say is truly beautiful... that I am coming to KNOW in the scriptures. To truly know.

And I AM ALSO beyond stoked for General Conference. It makes me so happy and so tranquil that we have living prophets and apostles to guide us. I am so excited to go with my questions and have my faith strengthened. We are so blessed to be part of the TRUE and LIVING church.

also a little sad because a virus attacked my camera card and I lost all my pictures. Trying not to get ticked. It all works out in the end.

But on the plus side, we bought yams today.

So everything is gonna be alright.

Hermana Burton

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