Monday, October 26, 2015

With Another Gringa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GB THIS WEEK! I SERIOUSLY cannot believe that she is 17.. that is insane! I was 17 like yesterday, wasn´t I? I love my beautiful sister! 

The hurricane didn't come anywhere near, so we are good. It makes me feel good to know that people were concerned for me. 

Well. We had cambios and I am with another gringa... hahaha. Hna B de Pleasant Grove, UT. She is sweet. I have known her pretty much the whole mission, not well but have known of her. We literally have had the same areas the whole mission, Huatabampo, Constitucion, Reforma, so it's fun to talk about the areas and the people and she told me something that made me so happy! S, from Barrio Consti went to the TEMPLE! Ah  seriously it still makes me get super giddy like a little girl! She went to the temple and is super strong in the church! It makes me so so happy. 

Also, Hna Z went with HNA S! MY MOM!! (in the mission) So grandma and mija are together! isn´t that awesome?!?! I am so excited for them. 

What else... can you write me a list of things that you want (as a family and friends) from here in Mexico? Starting now so I can start collecting. I know vanilla will be on the list! haha. And also, is it okay if I leave like more than half of my things here? I don´t want to see these clothes ever again and HZ asked for them and I don´t want to be overweight luggage for things I will never use again.

Have you ever read the article Becoming Perfect in Christ by Gerrit W Gong... it´s from the Liahona of July 2014, I found it and it helped me seriously so so much. I invite you to read it.

Things are going good here in the area, we are having success with the menos activos. So that is fun, I guess. 

Primary program isn´t until the 22nd! 

Hermana Burton  

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