Monday, February 9, 2015

Cherish Every Moment

Well this week was a little harder than the last couple weeks have been... but that is okay!  I have heard that Ky`s homecoming was the I am so proud of him! It`s still super weird to see pictures of him with all of you. We haven`t all been together for more than 2 years! Makes me so happy to hear that he is already going to the temple frequently. I think about the temple a lot, and how good it feels to be there. I love the temple! I am so excited to enter again in a year or so. 

It is funny because I am starting to forget more and more what the United States is like. For example, my companion asked me what the houses are like over there. I told her I have no idea. I think that`s a good thing! Cause it means that we are working really hard over here but it`s sure weird that the little unsignifacant things (like how to spell) I am forgetting. 

I really am trying to work hard over here, with others and with myself. I think I am seeing progress with myself, and I know I am seeing progress with others. I really love this work and being a missionary.  I know it`s kinda weird but I don`t really have much to say this week. It went by really fast, and I remembered that one time when you told me before college to cherish every moment and started applying it to my mission. Maybe I don`t enjoy every moment, but I am cherishing every moment. 

Transfers are next week so let`s see what happens. I hope I stay here in good ol` Huatabampo. 

I had a really cool dream yesterday about Grandma and Grandpa Merrill from my Columbia Basin Ward. They came to visit me in the mission, I guess and after a meeting Grandpa stood up and said 'Where is the one from washington?" and Grandma said 'She`s right there' and they came over and Grandpa gave me a big hug and it was funny because my mom was there and said "She can`t hug, she`s a missionary!' haha but in the end it was super awesome because Grandpa was all healthy and strong and Grandma and Grandpa were there all happy! I loved it! 

It`s starting to get really warm here... I am in short sleeves today and have tan lines already! its really humid because we are really close to the sea... I love it! 

Here is a picture of our Jose Smith activity... we watched the 1 hour long movie about JS when his mom is narrating... it is so awesome. my testimony was strengthened!!!! and I felt the spirit enter in my heart so strong! I cried so hard hahaha. support our ward in all the activities, especially the ward mission activities! also a picture of my feet, they are getting really tan hahaha and a picture of sufragio... a little pueblito outside of Huatabampo that reminds me so much of home.

I have a quote for you all: ¨We will attain our exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom ONLY ON THE CONDITION THAT WE SHARE WITH OUR FATHER`S OTHER CHILDREN THE BLESSINGS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST and observe the commandments that will enrich our lives here and hereafter.¨ ~George Albert Smith

Remember that this week. The Prophet Joseph sacrificed everything so that he could help Christ restore His true church on the earth today. We are not just some other church, we are not just the Mormons, we are members of Christ`s true church that He established when he came to earth... full and restored and precious and perfect. and we have to share that with others, or we are not saved. and we have to do family history work, or we are not saved either. I want to be known as a missionary family! Let`s share this gospel with every one, let`s strengthen our personal conversion and help others do the same. 

I love you so much!!!! We can`t ever weary of doing good! 

Hermana Burton

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