Monday, November 24, 2014

Being Grateful

Woohoo! I am a 4 month old missionary! And I have been transferred. 

My Los Mochis Neighborhood*I wash my own clothes
*A dog they named BURTON, wonder why*When it rains it pours*
Grilling carne asada with Bishop

Holy cow I was so sad when I got the call. I couldn´t believe it. But I know it´s what the Lord wants and so after saying some heartfelt goodbyes to some menos activos, members, and investigatores that I love with all my heart, I arrived this morning in Huatabampo, Mexico. My companion is Hermana Trevino and she is from McCallen, Texas. So she totally speaks English. Haha, It´s super rare to have two gringas together, but here we are! Her Spanish is super amazing,  because her family is Mexican. She speaks both languages perfectly and has a little over a year in the mission. How crazy. I know we are going to have a lot of success here and I am really excited. I am also really excited because I can send you pictures! Finally. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Keep Giving It My All

I am so grateful for all of your prayers cause they really help me get through hard weeks like this one. 

Saturday, one of our menos activos passed away. It is one of the saddest things that´s ever happened to me. They called while I was in the shower, and they live really close so pronto I got ready and we headed to their house. It was so sad, and just reminded me of the little I remember when we gathered at Nan´s house after Pop died. The hermana went to sign some papers and verify the body, and we were left with her three children. The girls are 15 and 14, and the youngest (boy) is 12. The girls knew but their brother didn´t. He woke up and was confused. He asked us, are we having a family home evening? We said no... he went into their living room and saw all the people and asked why are there so many people here. The oldest daughter looked at us and said, will you help me tell him? We went into their bedroom and let me tell you that moment changed my life. Telling this precious boy who was so disrespectful and disobedient before that his dad died, and see the pain in that little face and he just broke. And that was so so so so hard. We stayed with the family almost all the day and in the night we went to work. All of our appointments fell through and I was just ready to throw in the towel. I took a deep breath, told my companion how I was feeling (she was obviously feeling the same) and we just kept working. And smiling and greeting everyone in the street and this happy spirit filled my heart. The people greeted us with smiles and with the same energy that we gave. We only had one more appt, we didn't have very many numbers that day but what we did have was reassurance from Heavenly Father that everything was going to be okay. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Can We Just Take a Moment

Well, first off I just want to say I remember reading Ky´s emails in the mission and saying, wow he has a lot of bad weeks. I am always going to have good weeks and have a postive attitude when I write home.... and how little I knew about a mission. Haha. 

This week was good, however and the time just continues to fly by. 

What is in my agenda this week? Good question. 

Monday, Pday. We woke up this morning and cleaned the house, despues went to the house of a member and washed our clothes in their washing machine. During the wash, we went to the store and bought the food that we are going to need for the week. We returned, got our clothes and our food and the members brought us back to the house. We hung up all the clothes to dry and then headed to centro. My companion ate some tortas... is that a word in english? I have no idea and then we are here writing yàll. Then I am going to pick up my results at the doctor because I have an infection... but it`s not super severe or anything so don`t worry. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

I Am a Missionary

This week was so good. I dont have an incredible amount of time to write, so a big THANK YOU to all those who wrote me to whom I did not reply this week... but I promise I will.

Well, this week was pretty great. I was praying the other day, and I realized that I was a missionary. I know that sounds pretty weird, I mean I´ve been in Mexico for two months now, but when I came here it was more like, I AM ON A MISSION! And then for it a little while it was... wowwww I miss the United States, but then I remembered my purpose and realized that I am not only on a mission, I am a missionary, and I´m super happy.