Monday, August 3, 2015

Staying Here in Pioneros!

We had cambios! And I am staying here in Pioneros! For my third transfer. This is officially the longest time I have spent in one area. It´s awesome though because I LOVE the members here and we have a goal to work with them more, now that they love us a lot, it is going to be much easier to get their references and help them and help all their friends and BAPTIZE ALL OF OBREGON! Haha. I once knew an elder that said, every one in Obregon wants to be baptized, they just don´t know it yet. True that, home brother! 

We moved FINALLY to a new apartment and wow what a change it is has made. It is so much cuter, so much cheaper, the spirit is stronger, we are happier and I HAVE A BIG BED so you know how happy that makes me! It is so awesome. It rained more this week, trying to have a positive attitude but it´s a little hard when we are walking through a DISGUSTING lake. I think I would take 114 degree weather over rain here. Seriously. Yuck.

All of our investigadores dropped us, so needless to say Hna Z and I were a little bummed. We did a lot of praying and studying, A LOT, and then we started working with the members more and we are seeing success. Please pray for us here because we have faith that if we do our part, we can see miracles. I know it can happen! I am grateful I am not moving on from here, although at first I was a little bummed I didn't keep my 3 month streak going, I couldn't be happier to finish the training of Hna Z in a good area with a great ward. Heavenly Father has something planned. The mission is 1000 percent different than I thought it would be, but different doesn't mean bad. 

I am losing lots of weight!  But hey all the investigators and members are like hey you are losing weight and I am like what can I say six months to skinny. Haha. And I don´t know what turning 20 did to me but instead of looking 15 or 16 every one says I look 20 now! What what? So awesome. Maybe I will actually come home looking like a woman!

Hermana Burton

Not that I cry every night about it or anything, but at the end of this transfer I will almost have 14 months. Loving my plaque more EVERY DAY.

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