Monday, December 28, 2015

One Step Closer

Bottom right picture is of 3 generations!
Grandma (106), Mom (88), and Hna (64)
I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to talk to family, hearing your voices was what I needed! Thank you so so much for your constant support. I feel His support too, as I continue to give it all I can. I am fighting the good fight! I love what I do. 

Good news, I am feeling a lot better. A little swollen still, but I think that is the way it will stay until I come home and you can feed me lots of fruits and vegetables! Thank you for the prayers and keep them coming. I am gaining a lot of patience and I am enjoying every moment.  

THANK YOU for your encouragement and kind words. Thank you for the scripture. I love the scriptures!  

I am praying for you and I am so excited to keep working hard! Sorry this is short but we talked a lot in the Navidad and can`t think of anything else to say. Haha. 

Happy New Year! Kind of nervous for the new year because that means coming home will be one step closer. but that`s okay. 

Hermana Burton  

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