Monday, March 2, 2015

For The Rest of Our Lives

First off, I could not believe that Lachlan is baptized...nor that Kendra and Kiersten are home. WHAT IS THIS!? 

Second off, I thought about Natedawg [McBride] a lot this week. I know he is doing well. Keep supporting the McBride family.  If there is something I am learning in the mission it is that no one is immune to trials, that we need to support one another for the rest of our lives because that is what this work is all about. 

What differences have you seen in Ky? I am really trying to use the Atonement and to be better myself... I hope that we can see a difference when I come home because that´s really what this life is about, huh?

Well we are doing good over here. We are seeing the little miracles of everyday.

Something to share this week is my GRATITUDE for being extremely clean and teaching me how to clean because this week we did service in a place and DEBERAS DE QUE I had an anxiety attack because it was so dirty. It was like Hoarders. It was seriously like that. So that was crazy. But we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned, and at the end it was clean...ish. IT WAS also like Hoarders in that we had a hard time choosing what to throw away... don´t tell but when they weren't looking I just started chucking stuff in the garbage... including the unopened mail from 2006... hahaha. oh my goodness gracious I love the experiences of the mission. 

also we were in the house of a member this Sunday and they had Johnny Lingo on and it seriously melts my heart everytime that movie. because it´s a church movie, we could watch it during the comida, and in my heart I was like I WANT TO BE AN 8 COW WIFE! Man I am so excited for that day when I can have a husband who loves me and my little babies and what not! It´s going to be aweeeessoooommme! 

We are having success here, but we need your prayers because it´s easy to get discouraged. But we don´t want Satan to hang with us, so we are trying to stay happy. Got a little sick again this week and was put on a diet of fruits, vegetables, and dry cereal... which lasted for about 12 hours because the food that they give us here is the exact opposite of that diet. But thats okay too! Haha. 

Can´t believe I have officially spent half of a year living in Mexico! I love it! 

Well, just know that I am doing well, I enjoy being a missionary, and the time is going by WAY too fast for me. 

Hermana Burton 

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