Monday, August 24, 2015

How Many Apples in The Seed

That´s sad Jed’s getting as tall as you. That means I am the shortest sibling. Haha. Maybe I have grown on the mission. Maybe. But no. Haha. I just feel tall with all these Mexicans.
A beautiful sweet lady that was asking for money, and I told her
I don´t have money to give but I can give you this folleto!
And she said, honey, with this folleto
you gave me more than money could ever give.  Thank you, thank you!
And my heart melted and I asked her for a picture.
We were waiting for our bus to take us to Guaymas.

We have one progressing investigator. He is so awesome. Found him Saturday night. His name is A, he´s 20 and read a ton of BOM Saturday night, got permission from his work to come Sunday and loved it. The ward put in their part and are brothering him! and it's just really something beautiful. He has a baptismal date for September, so pray for him.

OH my gosh. Hna Z and I are freaking out for my friend Alejandro's mission call. She totally lived in that mission before she moved to UTAH! He is the best!!!!! This is the most beautiful thing that happened to me. Also this week, we saw another one of my menos activos that we reactivated in Huatabampo and she is going to serve in Brazil in October and she told me that the other boy we reactivated is SERVING A MISSION RIGHT NOW in Puebla! It really is true, we can count how many seeds are in the apple but we can't count how many apples are in the seed!

Hna Z’s spanish is really good but she kinda gets really discouraged sometimes. I put myself in her shoes a year ago, and I just give her big hugs. She is really awesome and I am grateful for her. I will pray with you about the people affected by the Washington state fires.

Something we are learning as missionaries that I will put in practice as a mom is asking inspired questions. You can ask inspired questions from heaven to help others learn for themselves what they can do better. Try not to ask yes or no questions and really ask for heaven's help. I know we will see miracles.

I was talking about this with Hna Z this week: when you tell me I have 13 months, I think about the MTC and it was yesterday. But when you tell me I have 13 months I think about hugging goodbye in the airport and it was forever ago! But I also love it because I remember when I went to college and didn't see home for four months and was DYING! and now I haven´t seen you for 13 months but I am content because I know that I am doing the right thing. My time will come when it comes, and I know that I have my work to do.

Stay strong and pray for me. I am praying for you. Thank you for all the good news. I love you!

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