Monday, March 30, 2015

A Wonderful Journey

The work is going super good, as always. Sometimes you really got to LOOK for the good, but when you find it, it´s like WOW, abundant blessings, my life is awesome. We have had some real success with the people here and we are happy. We had cambios and we are staying in the area together so we are super pumped! Seriously, we are going to see miracles this cambio I can feel it. My health is off the chain! Haha, okay, not really because I have had a cough, but it´s alright cause this elder brought me this special honey medicine and I have been taken spoonfuls and BOOM cough is gone. They have some pretty cool medical tricks here in Mexico.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy 8 Months to Me

SURPRISE! Happy 8 months to me, I miraculously found a APPLE FRITTER 
in the donut section! Go Mexico!

Monday, March 16, 2015


The weeks are passing by incredibly too fast, I am not okay with it! I can´t believe that in 7 little days I will have 8 months as a missionary.... we won´t even talk about what comes in April... okay. I am getting a little dizzy just thinking about it! I waited my whole life to go on a mission, why is it going by so fast? #lifelessonhuh? 

Well. This week we definitely pulled another "mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort". It was really sad to watch our investiagators go through these trials. But the beautiful thing is that they are so prepared because through these trials THEY STICK WITH THE GOSPEL! They recognize something that I think we, as members, forget. When we have trials, instead of leaving the Church or disobeying the commandments, we should OBEY and stick to the gospel. It is the only way. He is the only way! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Life of Service is a Life Worth Living and A Charity Dog

Banana Ninjas
 Well, here I am again at the computer writing an email. Is it just me or did this week go by incredibly fast? I am so thankful for all that we are able to do in the tiny weeks that we have.

This week.

Well is rained a lot. And we trudged through the lakes with our boots and our coats. NOBODY was outside, it was hilarious. We contacted a lot of wet dogs that day. Which reminds me.
I told you a couple weeks back that I was having a really hard time, and it never really left me. I wrote you a handwritten letter more about the experience but I just want to share with you something special.
We have a patio outside of our house, and in this patio, our neighbor´s little puppy snuck in over and over again to do it´s business. And I was beyond stressed one day and cleaned it all up, we went in to do a couple things, prayed, left again, and there was ANOTHER gift from the beloved dog. And that´s when my depression kicked in again, and I was ticked at this dog. I was mad. I let hate enter my heart for this dog.... so then we continue through the day and I am without purpose and disheartened and my dear companion helps me through it all (we LOVE her) and then the next day I see the dog again. And all these ugly feelings are in my heart and I take a rock and I throw it at him. And then I go inside and this feeling comes over me.... Why are you so angry at this little dog? And I realize that it isn´t the dog that has the problem... it´s me. So this rainy day we go to leave the house, and we see the dog cuddled up in our patio, trying to find protection from the rain. And it flees of fear when it sees me (with reason) and so then, something inside of my clicked in, I went and found a little blanket, but it in a dry spot under our roof, and poured some cereal for the dog. And then we went on our way. And really, this moment changed everything for me because all though it was rainy, my sadness was gone. It was awesome. God taught me a lesson through this little dog. We returned from the long wet day to see the dog cuddled up in the blanket, and let me tell you I was one happy camper. Peculiar as it is, we haven´t seen the dog since then. It no longer comes to visit us and do it´s business, nor has it been seen in the whole neighborhood. It´s almost like this dog was sent to test me, try me, and teach me patience and charity. and I am so grateful for it.

Monday, March 2, 2015

For The Rest of Our Lives

First off, I could not believe that Lachlan is baptized...nor that Kendra and Kiersten are home. WHAT IS THIS!? 

Second off, I thought about Natedawg [McBride] a lot this week. I know he is doing well. Keep supporting the McBride family.  If there is something I am learning in the mission it is that no one is immune to trials, that we need to support one another for the rest of our lives because that is what this work is all about. 

What differences have you seen in Ky? I am really trying to use the Atonement and to be better myself... I hope that we can see a difference when I come home because that´s really what this life is about, huh?

Well we are doing good over here. We are seeing the little miracles of everyday.

Something to share this week is my GRATITUDE for being extremely clean and teaching me how to clean because this week we did service in a place and DEBERAS DE QUE I had an anxiety attack because it was so dirty. It was like Hoarders. It was seriously like that. So that was crazy. But we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned, and at the end it was clean...ish. IT WAS also like Hoarders in that we had a hard time choosing what to throw away... don´t tell but when they weren't looking I just started chucking stuff in the garbage... including the unopened mail from 2006... hahaha. oh my goodness gracious I love the experiences of the mission.