Monday, August 31, 2015

13 Months of Service

Hermanas & Haircuts
How are things going with the Books of Mormon? I was so happy to hear that you bought them and am excited to see what happens with the miracles of the Lord! 

Speaking of miracles! We were in the middle of an extremely hot and miserable day when one of the companionships from our zone call us, HERMANA BURTON! They say, and I say, what? All grumpy and what not. They are like you will never believe what just happened. We were walking in the street when a man contacted us and said, hold on hermanas! I have something for you and entered his house. and they were really confused but they waited out there and he appeared and says, I have cards from Washington! And then they were more confused... but then they say it was my credit card, and my ID, and my mission credit card, and my TEMPLE RECOMMEND! and they said no way! And he says I don´t have the wallet, there was no money in it, but I do have the cards, and this is all that there was and well I hope you can give them to their owner! And they called me right away and we were freaking out because after 10 weeks an honest man had someone found all of my cards and returned everything! I still don´t know the whole story, but I will know this Friday, we have a junta de zona! I am so excited. I feel so blessed and am so grateful for your constant faithful prayers. God answers in His own time. He teaches us faith and patience. 

Also this Sunday we talked about how prayers can be the shield that protect your children before they leave the house.  In the morning, make a little time to say it. It will make a huge difference. I know that God blesses my family for my service so I am honestly trying to serve with all I got. It´s really hard because my body is really tired for 13 months of service and it´s really warm but I still trying! I know God will bless me!!! 

A is progressing a lot. He went to church this week, and we are going to have a FHE with him tonight in the house of a member. Just keep praying for him. His baptism date is 19 of Sept... and cambios are 13 of Sept so I am pretty sure that I won´t be able to see it, but that´s okay because I have just accepted my mission as seed planter ;) and when I am a mother I can do some seed reaping! Is that how you say it in English? Haha. Whatever! 

Pray for us! We are going to go strong this week! Thanks for your support and prayers and fasting! I love you so much! VALE LA PENA! 

Hermana Burton

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