Monday, June 29, 2015

And the Best Week Ever Just Occurred

This is what white girls look like when we eat chile
How are you? I am so grateful for you and for your birthday messages. I feel bad cause we didn´t have time to reply to every one. GRACIAS!!!!

Well here I am at the computer again. Every week just goes by so quickly. I am so grateful to my HF for this week. I learned so much. First off, I was so overjoyed to hear the story about my cousin and his baptism. Okay, now I am ready to tell you about my week. 

Being with Hna Z is seriously the best thing ever. We have so much fun, and we basically are the same person. She has such a great desire to serve and do that which is right and she is progressing really quickly in her Spanish. It is a gift from the Lord. We have had so much success. We are actually going to have a baptism this week! Her name is G and her parents were baptized less than two years ago. It was a miracle in finding her, and she is so ready to be baptized! She is inviting everyone to the baptism. Actually it was super cool cause we had an appt with them yesterday night (aka the birthday!) and they had a chocoflan cake prepared for me and sang me the mexican happy birthday song and let´s just say I was very content. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Casually Freaking Out

MI HIJA!!!! Es de Park City Utah, her name is Hermana Z. She is so amazing! Doesn´t speak very much Spanish and doesn´t understand very much either but she is working hard and has such a great spirit! I am the first American-American (not Mexican American or anything like that) to train someone that also is American-American (without any experience in Spanish)... GO TEAM! Pray for us.

Top right pic is Hna M and the mission president's wife of the Hermosillo Mission! They came to visit Elder De Hoyos. Thanks for all the prayers, by the way, the piano playing went GREAT! It was so inspirational to hear him and learn how we can better teach our brothers and sisters here in the field! We are lead by leaders of God! 
Hno H, Hno R, Yo, Hna M, and Hna O! * Dysfunctional Picture with Familia de La R :)
I am so excited, I know this is the work of the Lord I see His miracles every day. I love you so very much. 

Hermana Burton (11 months old in the mission!)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kicked Out

I'm a Nephite! haha
Ok. What can I tell you about this week? Well. It was wonderful! I could see the hand of the Lord in my life every single day this week, and it made me so happy. He really is watching over us, and is there for us in our hardest moments. Let´s see. 

Some awesome news is that we were sitting in Relief Society and I was sitting next to one of my grandma´s, Grandma S, when she started telling me about when President HINCKLEY came to Obregon. And I was like. EXCUSE ME? PRESIDENT HINCKLEY CAME HERE? And she was like, well yes Honey, of course. He dedicated the Hermosillo temple and then visited the Saints here in Obregon! and I was in SHOCK. What?! That is so awesome! My favorite prophet and I have been in the same CITY! AHHH! And this city means so much to me! It makes me so happy to have received that news. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Choose Happy

I had a really tough week this week. But I was able to learn a lot and humble myself. We didn't have any investigators, but we did divisiones with the hermana leaders, and I was able to get lots of animo. Or like, encouragement. We were walking down the street, the Hna S and I and all the sudden I had a super strong prompting to stop and talk to one of the ladies that was in her house but had the door open, so I stop and almost shout at her, HOLA COMO ESTA? And she was taken back a little bit so I say, sorry, I am Hermana Burton, what´s your name? She told me her name and then I asked her for a drink of water. Little by little we gained her confidence and she let us in her house with AC! And we could share a really spiritual lesson with her and she wants to hear more about the gospel! So that made me really really happy. Even if we have only one, that´s something! Right? So pray for her that we can find a way to get her to church. She takes care of an old lady with Alzheimers and doesn't have days off.. I know a miracle can happen if we have enough faith! But I am grateful for HF and that He blesses us in big little ways :) 

Monday, June 1, 2015


District Selfie
Me and my companion!

This is a picture of my tank top because you can see the salt from my sweat!
It was 113 degrees the other day. And they said it´s just getting started!