Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanks to Him

My comp went to Guaymas today so we really haven't had much time but this week has been amazing, one of my most successful weeks in the mission. Hermanito JR was baptized, one of my favorite hermanas was reactivated, we taught 10 lessons with members present, I love the barrio Reforma, and I am so so grateful that I can play piano for the PRIMARY PROGRAM! It went perfectly. I actually was struggling with a certain part of He Sent His Son, and prayed specifically to God that He would help me with that part and I played it perfectly thanks to Him. 

And that makes me super happy. Also when HB went to Guaymas, I stayed with Hna Z and Hna S aka my mom and my daughter! It was a blast to be able to be with them. I sure love Hermana Z. And my mom Hermana S but there is something about having a daughter that is just something so cool! I am so blessed to have been able to train my twin! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pumpkin Pie!

We only got 2 months left... is that the weirdest thing or what? The weeks are going by so fast it makes me a little dizzy. I can`t lie, it`s a bittersweet feeling knowing the mission comes to an end one day. SO HAPPY to hear that Nana is going to be there when I go home. Honestly I love being with the old grandmas here, but sometimes it breaks my heart and I literally start to tear up because I want to be with my Nana! Ah! She means the world to me! I also think about my Oma a lot a lot. How grateful I am for wonderful grandmothers. Not to mention Grandma Middleton as well. We only knew each other for a short time, but the love she showed for us was eternal. 

Played piano again for church this week and am amazed in how I have been able to develop my talents. It is so cool! I am excited to come home and play! I miss our old, out of tune, piano. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

5 Thankfuls

 So my week and thankfuls:

1. Banana Bread. I am so so grateful for Hna M! She lived in Arizona for a long time and she learned how to make lots of stuff and she always makes us something Mexican and somethng American. We eat with her once a month, and this time she made us Banana Bread. I felt like I was home eating my after school snack. 

2. A great companion. Never have I laughed so hard and been taught so much by a companion (maybe mi hija but that`s it). She is an angel! I love her so much and am grateful for her example of quiet dignity. She is FUN as well. Makes the hard times easier and the good times better. 

3. Predicad Mi Evangelio (Preach My Gospel). It is so inspired and such a useful tool! While I studied it this week, I could recognize how I could be a better missionary. Be more humble was one of the promptings. I could study The Plan of Salvation a lot this week and we had a very powerful lesson with Hna RM, who lost her mom just a little while ago. We are very blessed as missioneras to have this tool! 

4. Seeing HNA G in the stake conference! I saw her Saturday night, and Sunday! It makes me so so happy to see her so faithful. She is planning to go to the temple to do baptisms el 28 de Noviembre! I am so excited for her. I love her so so much! 

5. They asked us Saturday night if we would SING in stake conference the next day, my comp and I and four elders. We said yes! It was a super fun experience, we sang the Family is of God, its a primary song but it was part of Hna Munives message that we need better parents if we want better families. I only laughed a little bit (my weakness in public speaking and singing). It was a blessing! 

I feel incredibly blessed to be a missionary. I feel close to Christ. It isn`t easy, but it is worth it! We are so blessed to know of the wonderful and perfect plan. 


Hermana Burton

Monday, November 2, 2015


I´ll walk you through my week: 

Lunes: We had transfers, I saw Hna K from my old area and it was a tender moment for me. Started to get to know Hna B... who we LOVE! I'll explain more later. 

Martes: The most significant thing that happened this day was visiting the Hna RM, the inactiva that now has 3 domingos en the capilla! She is so amazing and her testimony is so incredibly strong. 

Miercoles: Gentry`s bday. Thought about you guys all day but in the best way. This is the day when I realized my mission wasn't a failure. Why? You might ask. Hna B and I have shared all the same areas, whenever I left an area she came to fill my spot it seemed like. She told me she was very used to seeing my handwriting in the area book! (where we write about our investigators). God blessed me, more than I can describe by sending me Hna B as my companion. It all started with, Hey, remember C? C was a street contact that we had, we invited him to be baptized in the street and he said YES! He never came to church and we could never find his house, but we always found him in the street in Huatabampo. We had given him a BOM. Long story short, after I left he shows up to the capilla and then the sisters start to teach him, he and his cousin get baptized. Then she, (Hna B) tells me that G, reactivado that is serving a mission in Puebla, his girlfriend was baptized. And then she tells me that Lupita and Lucero got baptized (who I taught) and those are just SOME of the fruits of the seeds I have planted. 

Isn't it a miracle? My mission as the Lord`s seed planter has almost come to an end, and He sends me as my most likely last companion, the REAPER of the seeds! It is something amazing and beautiful for the both of us. God knows us all personally and we each play a GREAT role in the work of Salvation.