Monday, August 10, 2015

For The Cause

This week was pretty stellar. I don´t know why, I imagine it is all your awesome fasting and praying, so I am really thankful for that. But yeah so this Sunday I just got a bunch of animo and was Hna Z, let´s go to work. And we worked harder than we ever have, we tried to stay super obedient, we looked for the good even when things got rough and tried not to faint when it got to 118 degrees. And we were blessed! We could have some amazing spiritual experiences with a lot of people and I felt super blessed by the Lord because I was able to grow up a little bit spiritually. 

We were waiting, and looked for, and contacted, nine people that were going to come to church. Slowly but slowly they came up with excuses of why they couldn't come, or they didn´t answer, or they sent their children to tell us no. But the weirdest thing was my heart wasn't destroyed. I wasn't anxious or sad. We just kept searching, and we went to church when the time came. The spiritual aspect came during the Sacrament, when I was praying. I told Heavenly Father how grateful I was for all that we could do in the week, and I told that I know I wasn't perfect so that I wanted to ask for forgiveness, but that I felt calm at the same time because this week I had given it all that I had and I felt like I had done all I could do. I was sad that the investigators chose not to come, (although one did come and is progressing towards baptism! So I definitely thanked God for the one that came). Then I received one of the most precious impressions I have ever had. I thought about my Savior, in the Garden of Gethsemane, and I realized that He too, gave his all. He too, did all that He could for mankind. He is sad when we don´t choose the right path because he has clearly provided a way, but it isn't going to make us choose the path. That is our part, that is where agency comes in. And sometimes, after all we can do, they have chosen poorly. But the best part is that you feel great, knowing that you did all you could do for the cause of your Savior. I studied this week in how I could be a more consecrated missionary, and it´s helping me a lot. I don't have very much time left, and a lot to learn. 

I am so content being a missionary. It is a beautiful life. It is also fun, because in every one of my areas I have been able to speak with the leaders that become like family to me about marriage, so that I don't have fear. They give some of the best advice! I have written in all down in my journal so that I am prepared. HF is helping me in so many ways in how to learn to be a good spouse, a good mom, a good person. God is good! 

I don´t know what else... did anything funny happen this week? Let me ask my comp. There we go. So when it rains here, as I have told you before, it RAINS. So my comp and I walk out with our rain boots (that do not exist here and so everyone just looks at as more weirdly). The looks and comments we got were pretty priceless. Two gringas walking through Obregon with some heavy duty rainboots. I am surprised people didn't get into car accidents with all of the looks we were getting. You can say we are pretty much wife material. Hahahaha. 

Love you tons, be safe and read Elder Bednar´s talk Asking in Faith or something like that from a while ago. It´s a life changer. 

Hurrah for Israel! Hermana Burton

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