Monday, October 19, 2015

This Message Really Changes Lives

Mexico is great! I am so grateful I am serving a mission. It rocks! even in the hard weeks. This week was a lot better. A LOT! I LOVE MY COMPANION! She makes me laugh everyday and when I started looking to love and to kill with kindness, we both (the peruana and I) came out WINNERS! I am so glad to hear about DillPickle and know that he is a RM! And my Jesse too! They are such great people. It´s so weird that now it´s MY Generation that is doing the whole come home from a mission thing. I am a young adult! What the kwan! 

This week we were able to find an hermana inactiva that stopped going to church at 12 years old! She recognized us when we knocked on her door (we were guided by the spirit to her house) and we have had such amazing lessons with her this week where i have seen how much this message really changes lives. She came to church with us this Sunday and we have an appt with her tonight! God is real and cares for each one of His children! Also they asked me to play the piano for the PRIMARY PROGRAM! How exciting! Cambios this Sunday as well. Only 2 more left! CRAZY! I love you! 

Hermana Burton

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  1. Hermana, it is so funny to think about you when I came home from my mission in 2008. You were a little chickadee and I must say I was so excited for you to be a great missionary. I love that you are being lead by the spirit to find those who are truly in need and search of the Lord. LOVE you toots!