Monday, September 14, 2015

Sowing in Reforma

My new comp
Well... we had cambios. And they changed me to Reforma, it´s in the same stake and everything of my old area but it´s just so weird because I wasn´t expecting it. I now will have spent the majority of my mission in Obregon... and it´s most likely that I will end my mission here in this area so that´s a little crazy. I am happy, but I am also sad. I don't know what I was expecting... to train again or something cool like that. But Pres sent me with someone from my same generation, Hna S. She is cool, I mean I have known her my whole mission. She is from Peru. But I guess I was just really surprised. I guess the Lord wants me here. I know I should have a more postive attitude, but I mean like, whatever. Right? I just can´t believe I just have this transfer and then two more. That´s a little exciting to think about and also really sad. But that´s okay. It´s just really hard to leave because I was working so hard, The Lord really helped me in the area and I guess part of me thought I was finally going to be able to reap instead of just sow, but God I guess needs me as his number one sembradora. That´s okay too. 

What are some blessings this week so I can think more positive... ummmm. 

1. Hna Z and I finished out strong. I am really going to miss her. 
2. We had an activity on Friday for the ward and it was super awesome. Lots of people came and the activities were super fun and then they served nachos. Five of our investigators came! 
3. I saw my mama, aka Hna S today for the first time in almost a year. We were pretty happy. 

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