Monday, January 19, 2015


Homecoming 2011
Note from Audrey's mom: Hermana Burton's friend, Elder McBride, also serving in another mission in Mexico died suddenly on Friday.
News article on Elder McBride

Needless to say, I am a little sad. But I am writing to you last so that my emotions could be controlled and the Savior could help me pull myself together. I guess I am kinda numb right now, but that´s okay too.   Man. This is really hard. I loved Nathan like my brother. We used to disagree about everything...but in the end we always could look over our differences. I remember when we took mission prep together...he was so prepared. And the Lord knew that his time was done. Man. 

Okay, well there are also good things happening this week. The Lord had one more return to His flock this week! A was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday. Hermana C and I work really well and really hard together. She is teaching me a lot about patience. I really love her. We are seeing lots of success in the field with some of our investigadores. 

My prayers are going out to the McBride family, I can´t even imagine what they are feeling right now but I know with a SURETY that everything is going to be okay. That we will see tall skinny Nathan again. Ahhhh McChicken. Now he´s serving on the other side. He´s so young... but I know God knows better than I. 

Ky comes home on my 6 month mark! How exciting! I love him so very much. Tell me how it goes! Send me a lot of pictures! 

Don´t really have a lot to say... like I said I am kind of numb.  I love you, this church is true, and that I am eternally grateful that families are forever. 

Hermana Burton 

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