Monday, November 2, 2015


I´ll walk you through my week: 

Lunes: We had transfers, I saw Hna K from my old area and it was a tender moment for me. Started to get to know Hna B... who we LOVE! I'll explain more later. 

Martes: The most significant thing that happened this day was visiting the Hna RM, the inactiva that now has 3 domingos en the capilla! She is so amazing and her testimony is so incredibly strong. 

Miercoles: Gentry`s bday. Thought about you guys all day but in the best way. This is the day when I realized my mission wasn't a failure. Why? You might ask. Hna B and I have shared all the same areas, whenever I left an area she came to fill my spot it seemed like. She told me she was very used to seeing my handwriting in the area book! (where we write about our investigators). God blessed me, more than I can describe by sending me Hna B as my companion. It all started with, Hey, remember C? C was a street contact that we had, we invited him to be baptized in the street and he said YES! He never came to church and we could never find his house, but we always found him in the street in Huatabampo. We had given him a BOM. Long story short, after I left he shows up to the capilla and then the sisters start to teach him, he and his cousin get baptized. Then she, (Hna B) tells me that G, reactivado that is serving a mission in Puebla, his girlfriend was baptized. And then she tells me that Lupita and Lucero got baptized (who I taught) and those are just SOME of the fruits of the seeds I have planted. 

Isn't it a miracle? My mission as the Lord`s seed planter has almost come to an end, and He sends me as my most likely last companion, the REAPER of the seeds! It is something amazing and beautiful for the both of us. God knows us all personally and we each play a GREAT role in the work of Salvation. 

Jueves: This day was SO WEIRD! There were 6 missionaries here, and they closed an area, so we told the landlady of the other missionaries house that they weren't going to live there anymore... and she freaked out. The missionaries had to leave in a hurry, so they left all their stuff. Literally everything in the house belonged to the mission. So the landlady tell us we have to leave... and I said, okay Hna, we can come back Lunes and take out all the stuff. And she says no, you are leaving today. And she made us take out all the stuff! So we were literally in the street with all our stuff like homeless people and she said you better start calling someone to come help you! WHAT? Everyone we called was working, we were there all morning, then she takes us to our lunch appt and leaves her 91 yr old father who is deaf to watch over our stuff, then we walk back from the lunch appt and she tells us she is leaving to Walmart and we better be gone when she comes back! I am grateful my companion is so calm and that the Atonement has changed me on my mission, because the old Hna B would have been really angry, but instead we chose to take deep breaths and laugh. There is nothing else we can do! But the stress was there, so we hung out with the 91 yr old brother and helped him clean his patio twice, and he told us cool stories like, I would have never imagined being on an airplane, I grew up in the mountains riding donkeys and horses, it was so cool! And then we had a MEGA tender mercy because one of the Hnas called us asking if she could help us in any way! And we explained the situation and she sent her sons to come help us! MIRACLE! We tried organizing the house but its really funny because our tiny house has 2 refi`s and 2 of basically everything. But all in all it was a really interesting, good experience. 

Viernes: We payed everything we needed to for the house, we ate in our own house, and we also went for interviews with president and I got your package! Thanks a billion! It was a complete surprise I was so happy. Also!! Got a letter from Mexico saying they took my package :( SAD DAY! But I am grateful for all I DO HAVE!

Sabado: We had some success and found some golden investigators! It was a miracle! Then we ate with bishop and had a lesson about deep doctrine! I loved it! As a missionary you don`t get deep doctrine. I am really excited to study it went I go home. 

Domingo: Such a great, tender, day. The Santa Cena was amazing, a brother that is reactivated blessed the sacrament and began to cry during the prayer. The Spirit was so strong and I felt a greater love and appreciation for the Sacrament. I played piano. The ward makes fun of me because I play the really hard hymns with ease and the really easy hymns are hard for me. Ah well! We had 5 investigators and 5 menos activos in the capilla! 

I wish I could tell you everything but I don`t have much time left. It is a miracle living and serving a mission. I wouldn't give it up for anything. 

hermana Burton

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