Monday, May 25, 2015

Stay Faithful

God knows our efforts and if we continue with faith, we are going to receive the blessing. Something they told us in Relief Society this week just came to my mind: Sometimes we are need of a want or a blessing, and God sees our faith and says, okay, if they stay faithful for 5 weeks, I will give them the blessing. Then 4 weeks go by of faithful prayers and fasting and we give up saying that God doesn't answer prayers. What we don´t know is He was right there waiting to give us the blessing, we were the ones that gave up. Maybe I didn´t really explain it to well in English, but you know what I mean. I hope. 

We are doing good here, my companion is the Hna M. She is cool. We don´t get along 100 percent of the time, but we also are able to laugh off all of the disagreements we have, which is awesome and is totally something that I am looking for in a husband. I don´t want him to have my same opinion all the time, but I want to be able to talk things through and be able to laugh about the differences instead of getting mad. She cooks! And she is good at it.  And don´t worry, I am always drinking water. Haha. I don´t want to get sick. 

Oh, I am so glad I remembered! There is a mall here in Obregon, and it´s in our area and here in Mexico in the malls they always have grocery stores too so thats why we go every week but anyway it has a SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY in the mall! How funny right? Freaked out a little when I saw it! 

This area is a little hard but it´s good too. Teaching me things in different ways.  I am grateful for the little miracles every day, the mission is full of them! I left my camera in my backpack in the capilla so i don´t have pictures from this week, sorry! Hope you are doing well and always remember how much the Lord loves you! You are the best! 

Hermana Burton

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