Monday, September 28, 2015

Coming To Know

This week was great. And by great. I mean I spent the whole week in bed. Sick.


I could not believe it. I was like, this would be the week that I get sick, the very week that I plead to pray for me and my health. It was horrible! I won´t get into the details but let me just tell you it was a pretty miserable week. Yesterday was our first day out in the field and I loved it! How I am going to miss teaching the children of God when I leave this place. Have I told you I love Mexico? All though there are many things that I do NOT love, overall it is an amazing place with awesome people. I feel so blessed. My companion took good care of me, and the million pills that the doctor gave me (because that´s how people get better here, so not what I am used to at home) worked, and now my stomach, body aches, fever, cold and cough are gone. Woohoo! Well, kinda gone. But gone enough.

I am so excited that the missionaries could go to FHE and help you. There can be miracles, when you believe! Sing it with me now.

Speaking of singing, today, fed up with the semana, I started to sing Disney songs to my companion. I was surprised A) that I knew all the words to the songs and B) that she recognized the songs and would guess from what princess movie it came. And she got most of them right! Boo yeah. And also played the piano at church. I love playing the piano. Thank you Mom, Sister Lillywhite and Sister Bleazard.

Monday, September 21, 2015

This Is The Life!

The Lord blesses me so much. I am so grateful for Him. This week we had an activity, an Mexican Cultural Night (16th is their independence day) and the party was so awesome... mostly because half of my barrio pioneros was there! Because they have family members or conocidos in Barrio Reforma. And then more members came up to me and said weren´t you in Constitucion a while back? We remember you! We have a family member, friend, etc in that Barrio! We know you are a great missionary and we are excited to have you in our ward. Oh, it felt so good. I was so happy. I know that everything is conforme the plan of God. I know He loves us and He does what is best for us, even if we don´t know what that Plan is. We are having lots of success. Wow English is sure hard, Hna S doesn´t speak English so it´s pure Spanish all day every day and now writing in English is really hard... I am trying! 

We are doing really well here, we are having lots of success and seeing lots of miracles. The members really want to help us. We taught 30 lessons this week, 10 with member present! And we have a baptism planned for this week and then a couple are going to get married and get baptized here pretty soon as well so that is exciting!!!! wooo! Try to help the missionaries as much as possible! Speaking of which... that is so crazy, I totally remember talking to Elder Clyde in the MTC! That is seriously so cool that he came to my house in WA for dinner this week. I remember telling him about the sunsets! Small world. HF is cool like that, huh? Tell him hi!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sowing in Reforma

My new comp
Well... we had cambios. And they changed me to Reforma, it´s in the same stake and everything of my old area but it´s just so weird because I wasn´t expecting it. I now will have spent the majority of my mission in Obregon... and it´s most likely that I will end my mission here in this area so that´s a little crazy. I am happy, but I am also sad. I don't know what I was expecting... to train again or something cool like that. But Pres sent me with someone from my same generation, Hna S. She is cool, I mean I have known her my whole mission. She is from Peru. But I guess I was just really surprised. I guess the Lord wants me here. I know I should have a more postive attitude, but I mean like, whatever. Right? I just can´t believe I just have this transfer and then two more. That´s a little exciting to think about and also really sad. But that´s okay. It´s just really hard to leave because I was working so hard, The Lord really helped me in the area and I guess part of me thought I was finally going to be able to reap instead of just sow, but God I guess needs me as his number one sembradora. That´s okay too. 

What are some blessings this week so I can think more positive... ummmm. 

1. Hna Z and I finished out strong. I am really going to miss her. 
2. We had an activity on Friday for the ward and it was super awesome. Lots of people came and the activities were super fun and then they served nachos. Five of our investigators came! 
3. I saw my mama, aka Hna S today for the first time in almost a year. We were pretty happy. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Living A Good Happy Life

Yesterday we had 5 investigators in the capilla! 5! I was so happy. And they are so excited for their baptisms, and one of the little boys turns 8 today so we are going to go celebrate. It is a miracle! There is a family of four (but the dad didn´t come to church grrrr) the familia R J so if you can pray for them and then also there is a woman named M and she is amazing! She is a referencia of a member (give out every name you can think of!) and she has a granddaughter who is downs and has heart problems. We are praying and fasting for her. Her name is S. Pray for her! Also what else... we are living a good happy life but we are a little sad because most likely this is our last week together. These last two transfers have flown by so quickly I am sad to see my other half go but I know that these coming transfers will be for the benefit of both! I hope I have been able to leave a legacy with my hija! It´s so weird to think that I only have three transfers left! How? Time flies by. I know I am going to give my all until the end. 

It´s not always easy though! I had a horrible cold this week and felt so bad! I didn´t know how I was going to keep going by I just honestly tried to give it my all. I got a blessing from Hno DLR and it was so amazing because he blessed me with the things that I needed! More faith and persistence, the ability to keep going with my eternal goals and never look back and stay the wonderful obedient missionary that God knows that I AM! And that was so beautiful for me to hear. Not the good obedient missionary that I could be, but that I am! And it really helped because recently I have been pleading to God to be able to love ME! It´s something that I am not very good at! It´s not like I have low self esteem or anything, but with all these weaknesses man it´s hard to love me! But I try to look for the good in me... without getting prideful, and the Lord is helping me see some of my talents and abilities and I feel better and I treat others better. It´s just better for everyone. Haha. 

They do have a Primary Program here as well. It´s just as precious. It´s fun that the church is the same no matter where you go. 

Well that´s it for now. Short on time but wanted to write you all that I could. I love you! 

Hermana Burton
1. We went to a musuem today for Pday! It´s our last pday together (most likely) so we went all out! It was awesome. 

2. We ate obispos! (that are like rainbows from Pace´s Dairy Ann but not near as good)