Monday, December 1, 2014

Learning to Love Huatabampo

First I am going to answer your questions: 
1. The Apartment: is one room. Literally one room that contains, our desks, our beds, our fridge, our ironing board, we have literally everything that we need and so I like it. But when I got there it was a MESS because it´s been a missionary house forever... ew there was some ancient food in the pantries and stuff. Don´t worry, I am my mother's daughter and every day the apartment is more clean! Hehe. We have a little bathroom and we have hot water! so that´s a plus. Well.... kinda hot water.
2. My companion: I love her so much. She is one of the funniest people that I have ever met. Our personalities mesh super well. She gets stressed really easily because she wants to do her best. She is a sister training leader so she feels a lot of responsibility but she is awesome. We are going to have a great transfer. There are also two elders here in the rama with us. One is a GREENIE and man, it is sooo funny to watch greenies. HAHA. And the other is from here in Mexico. There is also a senior couple serving in this area, and they are super funny.
3. The area is pretty small and very poor. There is very few store-stores, there is a lot of abarrotes, they are basically little stores in houses where the people sell stuff, it´s awesome. I don´t know why we don´t have them in the US. The people here are really simple, really humble. It was hard at first when I came here because I was so used to Los Mochis. My two areas couldn´t be more different. But I am learning to love it here. 
4. No, we do not have a ward. But we have a branch! Our capilla is two stories, super tiny. But I love it. The branch president is so awesome. He has his little bike and he just goes and visits all the less actives and yeah. It's different, but I love it. The ward here is really interested in missionary work. I don´t know if you have heard of the He is the Gift thing, but it is huge here in Mexico. We are talking to 20 people a day, giving out little cards and sharing it with the members and having them share it with their friends. If you haven´t shared in on Facebook yet, go do it! or if you want you can visit hahaha but I don´t think you will understand very much. But you can watch the video in Spanish if you want!  Another thing that´s funny about this area is that I am the first white hermana to serve here. I am the first white girl that some of these people have seen, so they just STARE and stare so more. And then talk to me. It´s a good way to contact people! Haha. There are also some creepers, but that´s okay. I am protected by the Lord.

I heard from my Famlia V today. The girls wrote me emails and I almost died of happiness. Some day I will share them with you because it really makes me happy. I brought the gospel to this family! And I know one day they will be baptized into this true church! I love making a difference for good in other peoples lives. 

Thanksgiving was a really sad day. Haha. We missed home so much! Your meal sounds so yummy... We popped popcorn and watched Joy to the World on our little DVD player and cried a little bit. I mean I love the mission life, don´t get me wrong but it´s just a little hard to be away from home sometimes. Especially during the holidays. 

The work is pretty slow here, we are working hard in contacting the people and really working in strengthening the ward. I love contacting in the calle. We have discovered however, that when you make it a goal to talk to everyone, you meet some really interesting people. Haha. I love Huatabampo. 

Some more fun facts: IT IS FREEZING COLD during the night. It actually is a answer to my prayers that you put more money in my account because I need to buy a blanket. Who knew it got cold in Mexico? And I also am a baby because freezing cold is probably 40 degrees... hehe but I am used to 90 so it is cold to me! And ironically, I am also getting more tan here than I have during my whole mission during the day. And that about sums up my life in here Huatabampo. 

Hermana Burton 

1. How we make our chocolate milk. Santa Maria. It´s funny because it says Delicious for Tradition and it's ironic because everything here is just catholic because of tradition. 
2. We went wayyyy out to this pueblito to visit our investigadores and we helped them clean up their land. They live in adobe houses and everything. It´s awesome. But its also super sad cause they are super poor. But this is my companion burning some of the trash. 
3. We painted a house this morning for our service project of one of the members in our ward.  I am just going to do what I learned in Los Mochis and bring those menos activos back where they belong. And also it´s the first time that I wore jeans my whole mission and ALSO I wore my melon Keens but you can´t see them. 
I love my life! 
I love you! 

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