Monday, December 8, 2014

Reading in Spanish

Oh and here is my CHRISTMAS CARD! Ho ho ho.
Hi and how are you? I am doing really really good, here in Huatabampo. Thank you for the Family History information! You are the best! I love hearing your words from back home. Sad that Chiawana [Highschool football] lost, happy that they made it so far. Thanks for the pictures though too, that was sweet. But those are some MAJOR beards. Haha. That´s something I just realized about Mexico: There are a lot of staches, but a little amount of beards. Hehe.

Well there isn´t an incredible amount of things to tell you this week. I went on splits with the hermanas from Navajoa, and got to know their areas and investigators. It was so awesome to see the gospel in action with the rest of our zone. It´s so cool to think of the 88,000 missionaries teaching all around the world. 

I know Heavenly Father is trying my faith because we are having a really hard time teaching lessons. The elders in our area are having a lot of success, and I kinda got jealous a little bit but then had a wake up call and realized it really doesn´t matter who teaches, it matters that people are coming into the fold of God. And if it is someone else´s turn to have success, I don´t mind. I am going to be exactly obedient, and walk those three miles only to find that every house rejects us, and face all of the trials that come just from being a missionary and come out on top. Cause really I am on Cloud Nine. And I am LOVING Huatabampo, because it´s humbling me. 

I am loving the refiner´s fire. 

I am also loving, loving, loving, the Book of Mormon right now. I am reading in Spanish, and I am in Alma. The story of Amulek, that I just finished reading is my favorite part in the Book of Mormon. I don´t know why. Probably because I knew him before this life, haha, partially kidding. What is your favorite part of the Book of Mormon? 

Seriously, this life is the BEST . 

I love Christmas and all, I even have my Advent Calendar. 

Sometimes I think the mission is going by fast and other times I feel that it´s going slow. But I love it! Either way, I am in the mission, and that for its self is awesome. 

We cleaned the house today, like deep clean. I love this whole one room house thing. It makes cleaning easier and I feel like we get a lot done.... we do get a lot done! Haha. I love cleaning! 

Do you have any questions for me? If the people that read the blog have questions, they can ask you and I´ll answer them. Haha cause sometimes I just run out of things to say. 

But always I have my testimony. I know this Church is true and I know it more every day! 
There is so much JOY that comes from living this Gospel, soooo much joy from being a missionary. 

Hermana Burton 

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