Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Give All That You Have

Let's answer the questions first. 
1. I have only been jumped three times... haha just kidding. 

Describe your Ward/branch and leaders. Well. Our branch is relatively large, and the members are really awesome and super cool. Especially the youth. They are really excited to serve missions, almost all of them. They love English and are pretty much willing to drop everything to help us with the obra misional! The president`s name is President A. He is seriously one of the coolest men I have ever met. So humble and so faithful to the Lord. He visits the members, even the inactive ones and gets to know them and their circumstances, their worries. He passes for them in the morning before church. He didn't have counselors when I got here (there aren't very many active men in the ward) but two just got called, and they are pretty fun. I don`t really know how to describe the people here except that they are mostly all like Uncle Deans and the hermanas are like Mrs. Claus. hehe. Shout out to Uncle Deaner! There are a lot of single women that come to church and there are really awesome. Normally the members attend one week, and not the other, and the next week again. So we are trying to work on strengthening the rama so that we can all have success. 

Describe your schedule. We wake up at 6:15 and read the Book of Mormon, then we exercise, shower, and eat breakfast. Then we study personally for an hour, an hour of companion study, and a half hour of idioma study... language study it`s called in English. Haha. Then we hit the roads preaching until nine at night, I sometimes buy a delicious hamburger from the guy that sells burgers across the street, and we come home and we plan for the next day. Sometimes you think it would get boring but it really doesn`t. Especially here in Huatabampo cause the people are so funny here. And this week we contacted 93 people in the calle! How cool is that? Seriously felt so awesome. This week we did divisions, and I went with one of the youth to this little farm town called Sufragio. Three hermanas investigadores live there that we visited. I was so scared at first because I was going to be all alone, okay not alone but missionary wise the only missionary, and so I was nervous but it actually turned out super fun. We found the bus that we needed to take, we got there on time, we taught a lesson and really helped the investigadores understand more about the Gospel and commit them to do good things, they gave us corn like Nacho Libre status, and we headed back home. It is super cool that the Gospel works like that. I know this Gospel is true because we really are just young kids preaching the restored gospel, and He uses us and makes us instruments in His hands. We have meetings a lot too. Every month we have zone meetings, that is usually when I get letters! So that is about once a month. Then we have district meetings every Tuesday in the mornings. It`s fun. Tuesday is also when we do our weekly planning, after the district meeting.

What's your favorite part? My favorite part of missionary work? That is probably the hardest question I have ever been asked. haha. My favorite part of missionary work is when we get home every day. But not because the day is over, it`s because I get to look back on all of the blessings, all of the lives we were able to touch, and I am able to say, hey I did what God wanted me to do today. There really is no other work greater than the work of the Lord. Yes, it is super hard. Missions are HARD. But they are so amazing because you literally get to give all that you have to the Lord. 

Do you eat with members? Yes! We eat with the members every day besides Monday. We get to eat out on Mondays. It`s funny because in my other ward, it was like our Columbia Basin Ward that the members sign up to give food to the missionaries...But here in the little rama, the hermanas are assigned days and we eat with them, like every Tuesday we eat with Hermana T and then every other Thursday we eat with Hermana V. Like that kinda, hope you can understand. I love it! They are all so willing to help. And they make yummy food. 

Do you attend Ward council? Yes. We have ward council every Sunday after church. It`s awesome cause the lideres (leaders) keep this ward very organized. 

How are you feeling? Funny you would ask.. haha I was feeling great and then got sick for a couple days so that wasn't good. But then I got over it and one day we were walking down the street and I got really sore and I needed to take a rest so we sat down but then I realized I couldn't feel my legs. So then I called Hna M who had me call a doctor in Obregon that told to get a blessing and go to the doctor right away. So the president of the rama was there, (we were at the chapel by this time) and gave me a blessing and we took the hour bus to Navajoa. One of the members there gave us a ride to the hospital, and then they did an analysis on me and the doctor told me that my circulation is really bad. And it`s cause I walk too much! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THAT BECAUSE I HAVEN`T . WHO GETS LOW BLOOD PRESSURE FROM WALKING TOO MUCH: THIS IS CRAZY. But I have faith that everything is going to be okay. So yeah! Just pray for me. I am going to follow all of the suggestions of the doctor, and I am glad we caught it early because I can work still, and walk a lot still, I just need to rest my legs more and take my medicamento. 

Well, thanks for all that you do for me and I hope you are doing well, I am praying for you all every day and I know this Church is true and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

Hermana Burton  

Tell Jim and Jed to run fast in the Cable Bridge Run! WOOOHOO! 

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