Monday, December 15, 2014

Always Always

So we are spending one hour today and one hour tomorrow because my companion went to Guaymus, so I am only going to send this short little email and then write one tomorrow. Sometimes this mission is so so so hard, but then I remember why I am here and everything changes. This week I had a really hard moment, and I know exactly why God put me with Hermana T, because she told me exactly what I needed to hear. 

That I have the privilege of being a representative of Jesus Christ is beyond my comprehension. That I am doing what I ALWAYS ALWAYS dreamed of doing is beyond my greatest happiness. I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord. I know He is real, and that He loves us, and that I get to help his fulfil His Purpose (Moses 1:39), and have the same purpose for the next year and a month as my Savior, now that is really cool. 

I will write you a longer letter tomorrow, okay? Just know that I will never, not ever regret serving this mission. Yeah, it´s kinda hard to be away from home during the holidays. But I think about this, that I am sacrificing a year of my life, for someone who sacrificed His life for me, so that others can have the life eternal. 

We will talk on Christmas day, I have no idea when, or where, or how. Hopeful for Skype. My area is really poor. I will answer your questions next email, OK?

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