Monday, December 29, 2014

Just Like That

It was so so so so so so good to talk to you. I will never forget the moment when you and KY popped up on the screen. I guess I wasn't expecting to see my big brother or had forgotten how beautiful you are because I just cried of JOY! Haha. It was so awesome.

I actually read my setting apart blessing frequently, and some of the very phrases that you used from my blessing had stood out to me this week too. I actually cried to read your sweet email (WOW, who am I crying all the time) and well, yeah. I just know that we don´t need to worry. We just need to have faith. And actually this week I realized that sometimes having the faith helps us find the problems so that we can solve them, and also sends us people to help us with our trials. Thank you for all your prayers and your love!

Christmas Eve was fun. We spent it with the senior couple and all the four other elderes that are in our district. They made stomach, (I like it!), champurrada, which is like this hot chocolate drink thing, sandwiches, ice cream, and these really yummy cinnamon things like they sometimes give at FIESTA. Haha. Then on Christmas we ate Christmas dinner TWO TIMES! I was so full. We ate posole with one hermana, and then tamales with another. It was so so yummy and I was so grateful for the members that made this Christmas so worthwhile. MOM! Remember when we were walking through Winco and we saw that guy with A TRILLION things of hominy in his shopping cart? And we were seriously laughing so hard (I still laugh about it sometimes) I GET IT NOW! I LIVE THE MEXICAN LIFE! He was making POSOLE! It´s this soup thing with that grain and meat and you eat it will tortilla chips and it really depends on the cook but sometimes it is SO SO YUMMY. It´s awesome. SO now my life makes sense.

Well, the day after Christmas we were walking, and walking and walking, trying to find people to teach and nobody was in their house or really wanted to attend us. I started to feel a little funky and my feet were getting really swollen, so instead of heading to the appointment that we had planned in our agenda, we started towards another hermana that we had planned for later in the day (so that I could put my feet up or something). We realized she probably wasn´t going to be there, and we just didn´t feel right about that either, so we turned around and started towards the comida, because it was pretty far away from where we were. I know there are no coincidences because en route we found the husband of the hermana with whom we were going to eat, and he told us that his father in law, the father of the Hna that we are going to eat with, had passed away in the early morning. That was really sad. I was so grateful that HF had guided our path to find this hermano. Well, he is super nice cause he said we are still going to feed you, and so Hna T and I started towards their house. They live pretty far away, but I am glad that we went because we could comfort the hermana and it was a really cool experience. We were on our way back from her house when I got super dizzy and had to sit down and my companion took off my shoes and my feet were a little purple and my body was super cold but I wasnt and we called Hna Munive but she couldnt answer so we called the senior couple and they came and picked us up and I went home and elevate my legs and then felt better so headed back out.

The next day Hna Munive called and we told her what happened and she said go to the hospital immediately, so we hopped on the bus that takes us to Navajoa, and we got to the hospital where there did some tests.

We returned that night with more appts to return the next day, but when we went to return the next day, PRESIDENT MUNIVE had stopped by to visit and check on me with his family, so they took us to Navajoa and bought us dinner and we spent some time with them. They really love us, and I love them so much. I told Hna Munive, Hna, I am scared (because of my problem). She told me, NO. Fear is not allowed here because you have faith. I know you have faith and they cant exist together. Get rid of your fear. And so I did. Just like that. Living with faith is easier anyway.

We stayed with some hermanas in Navajoa and then we attended sacrament meeting in the Navajoa ward, (we are inactive members in our own rama haha). And then headed to the doctor again.

They thought it was my heart, and so they did lots of tests, but I am so grateful to Heavenly Father because it isn´t my heart. They think it is my thyroid now, so tomorrow I go for more tests. I hope we have found the problem! I went home to Huatabampo and we visited an Hermana, who was a nurse, and then I told her that they think it is my thyroid. She is all like, hey I have that too, and I was like really! And she is like yeah!
Do your lips get purple sometimes.... and i was like yeah....
and she was like do you have any weird allergies.. and my companion was like UH YEAH SHE IS ALLERGIC TO RED haha
and then she said have you gained a lot of weight
me: YES
ella: do you eat salt in your casa
me: No my mom hardly puts salt in anything  (because salt like triggers it or something i cant explain it in english)
ella: Yeah are your nailbeds super white
me: YES
ella: yeah I am definitely thinking it is your thyroid, one last thing, are your elbows super dry and red

AND I WHIPPED MY ELBOWS OUT AND SHOWED HER AND I COULDN´T BELIEVE IT BECAUSE MY LIFE MAKES SOOOOO MUCH SENSE NOW every one that knows me knows about my purple lips and elbows and now I have an answer for them its my THYROID. And if it is I will be on a daily medicine for the rest of my life.

I think. Maybe its not my thyroid and all that stuff is not related and there is something else but whatever it is I know God will protect me. I know He is watching over me and loves me. I am getting closer to Him everyday and know He is watching over me. I have had experiences this week where I KNOW that angels watch over me. I can feel their presence and know I am doing the work of the Lord.

I love this church and I know it is true. I love this gospel and the joy that it brings to the people. I LOVE TOUCHING LIVES, being an instrument in His Hand. I have so much faith. I feel like my whole mission has been a trial of my faith, but I am so grateful for it, because now it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Dont worry, and dont cry. We have faith in the One who created my body, and He is going to take care of it.

Hermana Burton

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  1. Sweet Hermana Burton, we're praying for you with lots of faith and hope. All will be well. We love you!
    Aunt Lisa, Uncle Dean, and Nessi