Monday, September 8, 2014

I Could Not Be Happier

1st sorry that I can´t send pictures this week but just know that I am doing so well and that I love it. My companion is Hermana Sanchez and she is so amazing. She doesn't speak any English! It´s bien buennnoo! 

Well. I love it here. No hurricanes, nada. The language is coming so quickly. Hermana Munive (mission president´s wife) says I´ll be fluent within a month at the most, so that´s exciting. Gives me hope when I get a little frustrated cause I can´t understand some things. I understand a lot though. 

Well. I made all my flights safely and stayed the first night in President´s house. It was so awesome. Then the next morning we headed to la capilla (the chapel) and we were able to meet our companions there so that was awesome, Hermana Sanchez is seriously the best. AH! I wish I could tell you everything. It is so hot here. I love it! So yeah. We took a bu (three hours) and are in Los Mochis. I love it so much, here. The people are so kind, and humble. I walk through the streets and just am so grateful that I have this opportunity. It´s been crazy, when we got here we didn't have a phone, a house, or anything and I was super sick. I got a blessing from Hermano Robles, and it was SO awesome. I am so grateful for the gift of tongues because I can honestly understand probably 85% of what they say, and during times like the blessing or stake conference this weekend (that was awesome) I could understand every word.  Not that it´s been easy. It hasn´t. But I´m learning to trust in the Lord more every single day. And THAT is awesome. 

Hermana Sanchez and I work with the menos activos. There are 600 menos activos here and so we have a lot of work to do. We cover the whole area, the whole ward so it´s a lot but I know we can really make a difference. Last night we went with a member to visit C. It was so cool to see his eyes well with tears as we bore our testimonies. As I extended the invitation to attend church with us this Sunday, he emotionally said yes. It was amazing to feel the spirit SO powerfully in that room. Hermana Sanchez was going crazy afterwards cause the spirit had been so strong. C is 21 and is just so cool. I love being with the people and teaching them. There was a girl in the kitchen too during our lesson. The spirit was so strong that a miracle happened. She had her music on super loud and was doing stuff around the kitchen but as I watched her I could literally see the Spirit touch her heart cause she just looked at us and stared. Her eyes got so big like, ¨what am i feeling right now?¨ slowly but surely she turned her music down, sat down at the table, and took her earphones off. She is our new investigator and we are so excited to go teach her. 

I also went on Splits with Hermana Cook and we teach this Family, C, LA (the son) and A. Our first lesson was just with C and LA. They´ve had the missionaries come before but those missionaries never extended the challenge of baptism (what) so we did and they accepted right away. They are golden. The next time I got to be on spilts again and A, the dad, was at the house. I got to teach him and challenge him to baptism. His answer was so beautiful, he said, "I have to be sure because this is so sacred to me. I want to learn more and I would love for you to return, but yes if I find my answers, I will be baptized." IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING? I´m doing what I´ve wanted to do my entire life. I could not be happier. 

I´m getting healthier. We buy stuff at a store kinda like Walmart haha. they have Burger King, Carl's Jr, and Kaw-effe-say (KFC) here. HAHAHAHAHA. I love my life! I love you! 

que dios les bendiga
Hermana Burton

AND they have a Little Caesers! haha. in Los Mochis, Mexico!

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