Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dios Esta Conmigo

Wow. Hi, I can´t even tell you how good it was to hear from you. Holy cow.  I´m sitting here at the computer in Los Mochis, Mexico crying because I miss you so much. It´s like a huge relief to hear from you and take time to think about you. I know I´m doing the right thing by being here but goodness, it´s harder than I thought. And then to get an email from Ky who isn't having success either, it´s just hard. I know the whole Elder Holland, Missionary Work and the Atonement thing that suffering is part of the journey but goodness it´s hard. I am so grateful for Christ´s sacrifice for me. 

I wish I could tell you everything. For example, the ice cream song is the same here but the ice cream sure isn´t the same. Haha. there is helados and then there is nieve. Nieve is more like ice cream but not really. Its really icy. Then helados are in a plastic bag and are a hit and miss, sometimes good sometimes not. 

None of our investigators are progressing. I always get so hopeful. I´m trying not to be discouraged. There are good moments, don´t get me wrong. It´s just that the mission is so incredibly different than I thought it would be. Incredibly different. Missions are hard! 

But hey. I didn't go to the Women´s meeting because there was a baptism! His name is E and his wife G was inactive. It´s not our baptism but we worked with the family. His daughter is actually E, the little girl is the picture from last week. They have another son, B and he gave me a bracelet that says Dios esta conmigo: God is with me. So I wear that every day. We bought a cake for the baptism and it was super awesome. After church Sunday there was another baptism of another girl. My bud Isaias that just returned from his mission when I started mine was conducting the baptism and all the sudden was like, and now Hermana Burton is going to bear her testimony. Haha. So that was fun. And then I also played piano during sacrament! Whoop whoop, Go Mom for having me take piano lessons. And I actually ddidn'tdo half bad so that´s cool. 

Went to Obregon Sunday night and spent the night at some other Hermanas house and got to work with them for a little bit so that was fun working in a different city.  Monday morning headed to Guaymus. There was about 5 elders from the US that have been here for 13 meses so that´s awesome. They´re all from Utah! Haha. It was awesome and really fun and cool también cause one of them told me that my Spanish was the best that he´s heard from pretty much any girl from the US in such short of time. Tomorrow I hit one month in Mexico and let me tell you this has been the fastest month of my life. Not gonna lie, hope they all go as fast as this one. I´ll cherish the moments that I have but fast is okay too. Oh and also we ate Little Caesars pizza again. Haha. 

The familia Quevado bought me some scripture cases so that is so awesome. If you are ever worried about me here, don´t be. The Q  family is like my other family here, and they live pretty close to us so they´re always willing to help. The ward here is full of great people that want to help. I love Los Mochis. So basically just pray that the people here will find the desire to progress in the work. I know it´s possible. I need to be more diligent and prepare myself more so He can trust me with the prepared. I know they´re out there.

Oh wait. I can´t not acknowledge the miracle that one of our menos activos is almost not menos activo and is KILLING it. He helped confirm E this Sunday and then was a witness for another baptism. AHHH ok so that´s something that rocks. 

Church services here are basically the same. They have this white chapel that´s in the middle of Centro and Fast and Testimony meetings are straight crazy cause basically everyone runs towards the pulpit and then BAWLS so hard no one can understand them, let alone me who doesn't speak the language. Actually I´m doing pretty good and can pretty much understand and speak probs 80% of everything. If not more. So what a great gift from HF. But yeah they have all the same classes and everything. It´s just in Spanish! 

SUPER EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE, we get to watch every session. 
Gonna invite the whole ciudad of Los Mochis to come watch. 

Oh and I contacted this man on the bus to Obregon on Sunday that was headed to LA, CA and he had the missionaries in LA talking to him to but he lives here... k really complicated but basically when he returns I gave him the address of our church and he says he´ll come... I have FAITH

Hermana B

And there is my zone. YAY
It rains all the time here, it´s always muddy. 
If it´s not raining, its 100 degrees or more. 
Sounds funny but still haven't figured out which I like more. 
It´s the heat. 
The heat wins. 
okay i love you.
I´m getting tan, huh? muhahahaha

k love you bye

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