Monday, September 15, 2014

Come What May and Love It

You know you live in Mexico when while reading the quote that you sent me, I literally read "Jesus" the Mexican way, Hay-sus. Awesome. I love Spanish, and every day I understand more and more and speak more and more. Last night in our leccion con G,L and their son A (that cut our lawn for us and so we are telling them about the gospel haha) I spoke more Spanish then ever before and I really feel the Spirit with me and I know that it is the gift of tongues and it´s coming more natural every day. I am so happy. 
SURPRISE! Hna Sanchez passed me some pictures of last night. These girls are so sweet. C is the oldest and she is baptized recently. The other little girl is E, and her parents are going to be married and baptized this week! Yay! 
I´m trying my best to re-activate but gosh, it is really hard. But we are having a little success. A lot of the problem is a lot of these sweet people got baptized for the wrong reasons. We all need to work on our conversions day by day, moment by moment. We are stressing that with our active members as well. We basically have to start over with most of the menos activos. However we did have Ch come to church and R and L (mother and daughter) and también we had Hna V who is less active but has a son on a mission. Yeah. So definitely working on her so she can tell her boy that she is back where she belongs. 

This life is good. It´s so hard. Our apartment is so nice! Two floors which is pretty rare here. We live in a rich neighborhood. Relatively. Yeah I have no idea how to spell in English anymore sorry. But I´ve only had to kill like three lizards and six cockroaches and yeah! Hahaha but no really we are blessed with a good house and I love it here. A menos activo, D, lives down the street. We had an appointment with him the other night but he wasn´t there, so we taught his mom, stepdad and sister instead. Then after our lesson they invited us to cena, (dinner) and we had hot cakes (pancakes) and chocolate milk. Yeah I was in heaven. Oh and que milagro, I have something to tell you. 

So after our lesson con G, L, and their son, there was this old abuelita that said, ¨Hola Hermanas!¨¨ So we obviously went over to her and talked to her and when she said what church are you from and Hna Sanchez started telling her, the abuelita started mouthing the name of the church with her. At first I thought oh cute, she is reading the gaffet (plaque) which reminds me I totally forgot my plaquet on Sunday and man the members harrassed me. haha, they were like why is a random gringa in our chapel, she´s not a missionary. haha. So Hna Cook lent me one of her extras and I was Hna Cook for the day. Okay. Anyway. This abuelita went on to tell us that she had been to live with her daughter in Mexico (no idea why but everyone calls the city of Mexico, Mexico. K so she was there and met the missionaries and basically she said hold on hermanas, wait and then she goes in her little house and brings out this Libro de Mormon, Evangelio de JesuCristo folleto (pamphlet) and her Bible. Hermana S and I were freaking out. And she said basically she believes and whenever she is having a bad day she reads her BOM and she didn´t know where the capilla (chapel) was here and so we told her and made an appt with her and basically its my first golden and I couldn´t be happier. She is so amazing and so dear. Reminds me of Nan and Oma so much. Pero, sí. The only problem is her first husband died and so she is living with another man now and she knows about the law of Chasisty and the man she lives with now is sick and a little strange so she doesn´t really know if she should marry him, but she said that if that was what it took to please Heavenly Father and be baptized, she would do it. It was super inspiring. This barrio (ward) is so inspiring. 

So today is ¨El Grito¨ which is bascially their fourth of July so that´s awesome. We have to have appts with members tonight just as a safety precaution pero we are gonna try to invite a menos activo family to the FHE. :) Oh and we tried to make no-bake cookies earlier today pero lets just say that the ingredients are super different here so they did not turn out. And also I am lost probably sixty percent of the time or we take the wrong bus or something (which reminds me we WALK everywhere but if we aren´t walking we´re taking the bus. It´s awesome) and today Hna Cook and I went on splits because she is the Sister Training Leader, and we took the wrong bus and had to walk and today there is actually a cyclone so it´s super stormy and also super fun at the same time and so we got off the wrong bus and went to cross what we thought was this path, but as we got closer we realized it was this huge ditch. haha. Our motto is Come what may and love it [the talk]recently because lots of things happen and we just say, come what may and love it. So then we crossed this sketchy bridge and luckily survived and made our way back to her casa. haha fun times, good adventures. I am learning so much and getting so much closer to God. I love it. 

Hna Sanchez is great. I love teaching her English. Which is another thing. The members loooovvveee English. Every one here does. When people see me, they either yell guerra (which basically means white girl) or they say ¨how are you¨ in their mexican accents. It´s great. Lots of little kids of the members have LDS names, like Nefí and Brigham and the parents always ask me, ¨how do you really say this in english¨ everyone wants to learn. We are actually going to start having English classes. So that´s cool. But yeah one time someone asked me how to say the name of the himnario in English so I did ¨hymns of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints¨and everyone heard the english and said oh hemana what did you say hermana what did you say in your english. and I just sit there amazed because this sweet people have never even heard the name of the Church in English and yet have such strong testimonies of Joseph Smith, and of the church. 

We have this NEW RM, super New we were actually at his homecoming party but he works with us sometimes because there is a ton of menos activos boys his age. 

Love you, 
Hermana Burton

Have the BEST WEEK! Tell the fam HI

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