Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This week was hard. I´m a little frustrated right now so I´ll try to only put the good things. I went to Guaymus yesterday to get my VISA. I saw Hermana Turley and Elders Tanner y Williams from the CCM so that was fun. But after the 5 hour bus ride, they actually didn't have my VISA papers ready so I get to go back next week, and the week after that to pick up my VISA. How fun... AH! haha. 

Our house is two floors, it´s super nice, one of the nicest. We sleep on mattresses, we have air conditioning, a table to study, a blender, a microwave, a refrigerator, we're spoiled. 

What else... 
Oh! So I got sick again this week, this time with an eye infection. I was so ticked because I´ve been sick almost every day it seems like in some way or another. So I asked President Q for a blessing. He is so cool, kinda like a dad to me here. During the blessing, he straight REBUKED all sickness from my body and told it to leave me. So that was powerful. And it worked great because I feel great. The power of God is real. 

None of our investigators are progressing so that´s hard. People give out their information like nothing here and so it´s hard to tell if they are really interested or not. But we are finding success with some menos activos. In fact, two are reactivated! I guess I just make my little differences that I can for and through the Lord. 

Sorry I didn't write much today, kinda stressed and short on time but what´s most important is that I love you so much and I know this work isn't mine, it´s the Lord´s. And I want to become who He wants me to become and it´s super hard but I want to do it. 

Hermana Burton

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