Monday, October 6, 2014

Part of an Army 88,000 Strong

First to answer your questions: Yes, this week I got your letter and the DearElder pouch. So thank you and keep sending them.  I´ll get them about once a month, cause that´s when the elders of the area go to Obregon and can pick everything up. No, I didn´t get my VISA but I got a P-day this week, YAY! Next week I´ll go to Obregon/Guaymas otra vez.  How goes the work? Well. That is the question. Some days it is so wonderful. Some days I totally know why I'm here and I can speak fluent Spanish and understand every word and feel so good. Other days, well, they could improve. 

Well, our work is going okay. I want to find the escogidos (chosen.. I think in english its like golden or something) but I need more patience. However, we did have a whole family of investigators come to GC with us, Sun Morning session. So that was awesome. Four of them have fechas de baustimal por noviembre 8th. super excited, and please keep them in your prayers. I got to listen to conference in English! yo y some other missionaries from America were in this tiny room. It was awesome. For the Spanish speakers we went next door and listened to it in Spanish. I loved it! 

There was actually a hurricane so we didn't get to hear part of the Sun Aft session. But then the power came back on and we got to finish it. Man it was powerful. My favorite session was Sat Aft. Especially the talk about improving our self confidence is six simple steps and then he laid down the law like, if you´re fat you need to do something about it. haha. I´m going to work out harder in the morning. Watch video But really, the thing I liked the most was the messages I heard about sacred homes. Our home growing up was so sacred to me. Memories flooded my mind, like PPI´s with Dad when we were little and the prayers with you before we caught the bus in middle school. You were always such a righteous constant example for us. Thank you! I really want to be a mom now.... haha más adelante, pero todavía 

Conference always strengthens my testimony. I know through the leaders of the Church´s testimonies that Jesus truly is at the head of this Church. This is the true Church! It´s the Church of Jesus Christ hoy en día, restaurado. Sé con todo mi corazón, mas y mas y mas cada día. Pues, I thought of you también in one of the prayers. He prayed for the parents and the grandparents of the missionaries serving and my heart got all warm and fuzzy inside. You are the best!  También, whenever they mentioned the missionaries I got so pumped. I am part of an army 88000 strong. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invite people to church. Share your testimony in social media. Bring people to this great and everlasting truth. Don´t be afraid. Literally there is nothing to be afraid of. If you feel like you can´t invite people because you don´t know for yourself that it´s true, pray to Heavenly Father and tell Him your feelings and then read the Book of Mormon cada día and search for your answers. Search to gain more experience and conocimiento of the Church and its teachings. A true testimony will want to be shared, remember that. 

I found this quote in my notebook from the CCM and I recite it almost every day, How are we supposed to advance in the Kingdom if we don´t leave the world behindElder Scott said something bien poderoso. If you don´t ¨have time¨ to read the scriptures every day, you better get your priorities straight.  I love that.  God comes first, always. Every other part of your life will fall into place if you do that. 

I love you! 

Hermana B

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  1. Getting caught up & I loved these emails SO much! We pray for Ky and Aud every day. We love you mucho!