Monday, November 17, 2014

Keep Giving It My All

I am so grateful for all of your prayers cause they really help me get through hard weeks like this one. 

Saturday, one of our menos activos passed away. It is one of the saddest things that´s ever happened to me. They called while I was in the shower, and they live really close so pronto I got ready and we headed to their house. It was so sad, and just reminded me of the little I remember when we gathered at Nan´s house after Pop died. The hermana went to sign some papers and verify the body, and we were left with her three children. The girls are 15 and 14, and the youngest (boy) is 12. The girls knew but their brother didn´t. He woke up and was confused. He asked us, are we having a family home evening? We said no... he went into their living room and saw all the people and asked why are there so many people here. The oldest daughter looked at us and said, will you help me tell him? We went into their bedroom and let me tell you that moment changed my life. Telling this precious boy who was so disrespectful and disobedient before that his dad died, and see the pain in that little face and he just broke. And that was so so so so hard. We stayed with the family almost all the day and in the night we went to work. All of our appointments fell through and I was just ready to throw in the towel. I took a deep breath, told my companion how I was feeling (she was obviously feeling the same) and we just kept working. And smiling and greeting everyone in the street and this happy spirit filled my heart. The people greeted us with smiles and with the same energy that we gave. We only had one more appt, we didn't have very many numbers that day but what we did have was reassurance from Heavenly Father that everything was going to be okay. 

I've been sick again, still with my infection. We went to the doctor again, and he examined my results. I had to receive a daily injection for 4 days and am on stronger medicine. But I am feeling better now. And I got to contact everyone in the doctor's office because here I am this gringa and so by the end of the fourth day I was just chatting it up with the nurses about my mission and what we share with the people and that I'm gone for a year and a half. Planting seeds. My life rocks. 

I have decided that there are always going to be challenges. Some more difficult than others. But I have also learned that we are always going to have our Savior. And through Him we learn and grow... grow stronger. I am so grateful for Him and His Ultimate Sacrifice. 

Also another challenge this week is that our dear family V isn´t going to be baptized. And that is something that really broke my heart but like I said, I am just going to keep giving it my all.

Well next week I will have been in Mexico 12 weeks, I will have finished my training, and maybe I will stay in Los Mochis and maybe I will be transferred. But if I don`t write you, it`s because I am traveling somewhere or something! How fast the time goes by. 

I am so happy to be here in the mission. To be refined by all my trials. To experience life in Mexico. Oh man how I wish you could be here and see what I see. There are people selling things in the street like nobody´s business. There is always some police car or alarm going off. They play tubas at three in the morning. I love my life. 


Hermana Burton  

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