Monday, November 3, 2014

I Am a Missionary

This week was so good. I dont have an incredible amount of time to write, so a big THANK YOU to all those who wrote me to whom I did not reply this week... but I promise I will.

Well, this week was pretty great. I was praying the other day, and I realized that I was a missionary. I know that sounds pretty weird, I mean I´ve been in Mexico for two months now, but when I came here it was more like, I AM ON A MISSION! And then for it a little while it was... wowwww I miss the United States, but then I remembered my purpose and realized that I am not only on a mission, I am a missionary, and I´m super happy.

I don´t know really what to write. We are teaching now the mother and the sister in law of the V family. They are progressing really well, we are trying to resolve all of their doubts, they stopped drinking coffee, and the Spírit is super strong in every lesson. We actually had a lesson with their son and it was super powerful. The only struggle is that Hermana V doesn´t want to be baptized without Hno V, and Hno V works in Sonora the whole week so basically he is only here to go to church and ya. It is really hard. We are trying to figure out ways to teach him because we really want to see their baptisms in November... pray for them! The hermana really wanted a family home evening, she has really liked the ones that we have had. So we are having a family home evening with them in their own home! Hooray!

I love you so much. This work is so fun. I LOVE being a missionary.

I think about you and pray for you and miss you in the best way.

Hermana Burton

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  1. Hermana Burton, you are an angel! I love all your posts & feel your huge spirit in every line. We pray for you and your contacts every day as a family. We love you very much. Keep plowing forward as you plant those good seeds of faith!