Monday, November 10, 2014

Can We Just Take a Moment

Well, first off I just want to say I remember reading Ky´s emails in the mission and saying, wow he has a lot of bad weeks. I am always going to have good weeks and have a postive attitude when I write home.... and how little I knew about a mission. Haha. 

This week was good, however and the time just continues to fly by. 

What is in my agenda this week? Good question. 

Monday, Pday. We woke up this morning and cleaned the house, despues went to the house of a member and washed our clothes in their washing machine. During the wash, we went to the store and bought the food that we are going to need for the week. We returned, got our clothes and our food and the members brought us back to the house. We hung up all the clothes to dry and then headed to centro. My companion ate some tortas... is that a word in english? I have no idea and then we are here writing yàll. Then I am going to pick up my results at the doctor because I have an infection... but it`s not super severe or anything so don`t worry. 

Well, after the doctor we are going to send a package to the dad of Hermana Sanchez cause today is his birthday! Then we are going to have a lesson with A, one of our new investigators, later T, another one of our investigators that contacted US in the street! And then with Ci, another investigator that came to church on Sunday! So we are going to ask her how she liked it and everything. She is the sister in law of the family V. 

The rest of the days in the week I will wake up at 6:30, exercise, shower, study personally, companionship, and my 12 semanas of training... can we just take a moment because I only have two weeks left in my training... and then we hit the field running. But not literally. We visit menos activos, and investigators, we serve and contact in the calle, and it seriously is the most exhausting, most rewarding work that I have.

Our menos activos are good! We are striving to reactivate as many as we can. It´s hard because a veces it takes a while to get to the real reason that they haven`t been to church. But we are trying. We have 7 reactivations, and more on their way! I know we are making a difference in the barrio (ward). And also we found out this week that reactivations count as baptisms! So I have 7 baptisms! haha, but honestly that means nothing number wise its just cool that 7 more people are closer to Christ because Heavenly Father was able to work through me. 

That JustServe thing sounds awesome. I love that the church has so many things that like to help the people.

Church was so cool, we brought 6 investigators to church. One of the daughters of the family V says she isnt going to be baptized anymore so that is so sad. It`s because she wants the things of the world. We are going to try and work with her more. The other three, J, M, and D are sure. 22 of NOVIEMBRE; the day before cambios.They have testimonies and it is amazing to see their progress. I love this work! 

THANK you a billion for all of the prayers and all the support that you are giving me! I love you so much. 

So weird that the weather is getting cold there. Aqui its not really super hot, probably like 70 degrees. I love it. I seriously love it here in Mexico... but probably not in the summer when its 120 degrees. Literally. 

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. Choose the right and help the missionaries and do your family history. Offer to go with the missionaries to their appts, they will love you forever, you will love the work more, and the Lord will be eternally grateful for the help that you give to the work and to his children! 

Love you forever, 
Hermana Burton 

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