Saturday, August 9, 2014


The work went okay this week. We had another elder go home, I think I already sent you a letter about it. It was hard. That's so funny you would say that my life thus far has prepared me for this mission, because I feel the exact same way. I am so thankful that is one of the principles that we get to teach to the people of Mexico, when we are given trials, the Lord is simply preparing us for something greater. He has trusted us to use these trials to become better people and better followers of Him. He can help us through our trials if we come to Him through prayer, broken hearts. and spirits willing to obey His will. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for His mercy. We are so blessed!  The gospel is a "puzzle piece" (Nan) that will fit in everyone's life, some time we just have to clean up the pieces. 

I am so thankful for all my friends and family that send letters. It's so awesome. I don't have time yet to write every one that wrote me back, but it's totally on my to-do list so please keep them coming! 

Oh! so cool story. After the temple today we went to Brigham's Landing for lunch. It's down the street from where we stay and is the one public place where missionaries are allowed to go. We ate at Burgers Supreme, and as we finished ordering the man taking our order said, the person in front of you left a $20 bill for your tab and I'll pay the rest! Enjoy your meal. I almost teared up just realizing the Lord watches over us through others service. Sometimes you feel like you're not doing that cool of thing because everyone and their mom is on a mission, but we really are sacrificing part of our lives and giving all we have. And it isn't easy, and it's always nice when someone recognizes that and serves you. So serve your local missionaries cause they need a little bit of loving! Or serve someone around you because the whole world needs a little extra love. 

I laugh at myself thinking that I thought I knew what it meant that this life was not about me. I had no idea what I was talking about. I've already changed these almost three weeks at the MTC because I recognize things in myself that I need to change and it some ways, pushed to change them. It's hard, but I'm only becoming better. 

Have you ever just thought about Jesus? Just thought about Him? Cause sometimes I forget He's a person. I mean, I know He's so much more than a person but just go watch the Because of Him video again for FHE or something cause maybe it's just me but it's a good thing for me to honor my sacrament covenants, take a step back and realize. Yeah. He's real. and He loves me. And He loves ALL Y'ALL more than you can imagine! (You can't say guys in the MTC but you can say y'all because the spanish word ustedes translates into y'all and that is so much better so I do it all the time). 

Love you love you love you, 

Hermana Burton 

1. Jill Parker, Carley Rich, and Brett Higbee (BYU 109th Ward!)
2. Elder Whitby and Wallwork! 
3. The Older District left Monday, now we are the older brothers and hermanas! 
4.Hermana Mattson (Spain)
5. Ice Cream one last time with Elder Caldwell 

Oh PS I see Elder Porter May from Greenfield ward EVERY WHERE on campus. He recognized me in 2 seconds flat. It took me like 5 min to realize who he was cause he's a man! haha. 

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