Saturday, August 16, 2014

Being Tried

Hola! Just got back from Burgers Supreme where we got our meal paid for again. So amazing. This time I got a corn dog, in case you were wondering.  I am hoping to answer most of your questions during this email so here goes nothing.

Well first, so sad to hear about Anziano's scriptures. I am praying in faith that we can find them! Miracles can happen, especially if Bubba stays obedient. This week was another crazy week. I bet you won't believe this but we had ANOTHER elder go home. Our district is being tried. Three elders gone in three weeks. Everyone (including our teachers) said this is unheard of. We are definitely in the refiner's fire. But we did have some good things happen this week. Hermana T and I are teaching a REAL investigator (our first one!). She has other "real" missionaries teaching her, but she says they're elders and she doesn't like them as much as us :) I am getting real revelation from the Lord for her and I have been able to help her with some real soul searching questions she has. She has accepted baptism, but is apprehensive about scheduling a date. Pray for her to gain the confidence, but more importantly the faith that she needs. She is amazing! I love her.

So my teachers are awesome.
1) Hermano W: our main teacher, served in the WA DC mission, his wife served with him and we found out last Friday she's having a BOY! He goes to BYU. All my teachers do.
2) Hermana H: I love her! She teaches morning class. She used to be our 'investigator', and then one morning BOOM she was teaching the class. It kinda made me feel like Elder Calhoun in the best two years when he invites the bishop's daughter to church.... anyway Hermana H served in Panama :)
3) Hermano H! He is so cool. Has really cool style. He actually ditched us to go work at Tucanos (he better bring leftovers!) because he had finished working his three years at the MTC. He is amazing at teaching, especially simple styles of teaching. He served in Ben Woodward's mission!
4) Hermano B teaches at night and is a tall skinny redhead, who no one would EVER think spoke fluent spanish. He and his wife (who is gorgeous) both work here. They met working together and the Mexico MTC! He's super nice and always willing to help.
Those are the main ones. Hermana S (the sweetest person ever), Hermano E (sounds like Batman when he speaks Spanish) and Hermano P (super funny) come help as well.  All the teachers want you to be successful and are so fun.

Sorry no pictures this week... it was a little hectic. The weeks are going by faster! (to answer another question of yours). September 1st seems like tomorrow and I couldn't be HAPPIER. I'm so ready to go and be tried more by the Lord in Mexico. As long as I'm doing His work, I'm happy. I don't dream in Spanish, but I think in Spanish more and more. We sing Spanish at church, we sing in Spanish all the time actually. Since we are on West Campus we pretty much do everything in Spanish... we pray, the teachers speak, we try to speak. Yeah. It's super fun. I love Spanish. Our branch is our zone, and we will have 54 PEOPLE in our zone next week. FUN! I choose the music for church too, by the way, because I'm music director! Haha. I think I told you that already but it's alright. I play/lead every other week.

Laundry! We do it on P day.
The actual washing and drying is free, but we need to pay for soap and dryer sheets. Luckily they give the Hermanas 8 dollars a week on our card. (elderes get 6! jaja) BYU helped me 1000 times over for this experience. I am so grateful I went to BYU. They light up the Y this week (graduation...freshmen orientation) and I almost teared up a little bit. I was able to grow so much through attending college first, I would recommend it to everyone.

General Authorities come Tuesday nights and it is the best thing ever. I love learning so the MTC is pretty much perfect for me. They come Sunday too. Sunday we go up to main campus and I have sang in the choir every week..

17 days and I get to go to Mexico... not that I'm counting or anything :) I'm super excited to call and talk to you!  I LOVE YOU!

PS I memorized the First Vision and our Purpose in spanish.

Can't believe this is my fourth week! Crazy. Also, next week will be the 23rd aka one month. My life ROCKS! I love teaching people about Jesus Christ and His restored church on the earth today and I am so grateful for the gift of tongues and so glad I can be doing it in SPANISH.

Hermana Burton

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