Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hola Mama y familia y amigos! Here I am, a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints writing my first email. Where do I start? 

I got here and all the sudden it was go-go-go. They put me through so many lines and I got so many things (no kidding, the materials they give you weigh a ton! I'm going to have to be sending things home). Then I got on a bus and almost died of heat stroke. But I didn't, obviously so that was good. Then as soon as I got off the bus I heard, "Hola!" And I looked up and there was ELDER BRETT HIGBEE from my BYU ward. I couldn't believe it. So cool to see a familiar face so soon. Since then I've seen Elder McFarland, and Bradham from BYU, Hermana Sammi Lu? However you spell her last name and Sorensen from BYU anddddd Elder Wallwork! So cool. We are serving the Lord and it rocks. 

I live with three other hermanas and I love them all so much. My companion's name is Hermana Turley. She's from AZ and she is super sweet. Really strives to be obedient and has a strong testimony. (I need to find out her favorite flavor of cheese nips soon... get down to the nitty gritty). My zone and district are sososo chistosos (funny). 

Speaking of which, my Spanish is coming along so good. My teacher, Hermano Wright is so awesome. He knows so much and is so excited about the gospel that it makes us all so so excited. We already taught our first investigator in Spanish. I understand everything that the teacher says and am able to help some of the other kids. I never thought I would ever be so grateful to come from Pasco... hehe. But seriously I feel the hand of the Lord in my life because I was able to talk to our investigator pretty well. I mean I totally butchered some things I said I'm sure but I was able to challenge her to read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and we read Moroni's promise together and it was wonderful.

Sorry my brain is super scattered... ummmmm. Yeah. I'll send more pictures... you can only send two pics per email or else sending the email takes like 20 years. 

I know how to pray in Spanish know! I'm practicing really hard because for some reason it doesn't come easy. THE MTC IS HARD. It's super fun but it definitely tries you and breaks you down and really has you do some soul searching. 

My branch president is the sweetest oldest thing ever. So cool. 
We went to the temple today (it's obviously P day)... and it was so special. I love the temple and the Love of God that we are able to feel. 

I've thought a lot about why this is SO hard and I think Elder Holland says it best, "Salvation is not a cheap experience." This mission isn't for me, it's for the people of Ciudad Obregon and other people, children of God, who are searching for the truth. It's for their eternal salvation, the chance for them to be saved through Jesus Christ, and be completely happy. 

I'm happy here. Even when I'm not happy, I'm happy. You know? 

Miss all y'all at home but not that much because I'm finally what I've waited my whole life to be: a missionary, a emissary of Christ and His Gospel. 

Thanks for all the prayers, I really can feel them. 

Oh. And I saved the best news for last! 
Guess who can rolllllll their r's?!! :) :) It obviously still needs improving but I can do it, and the more I speak the more I can! The teachers are great but faith in God and His ultimate power is really the saving grace for me (speaking of which, I also got a letter from Brother Wilcox! cool or what?) Please keep sending me letters and packages (hint hint nod nod), they make any rough day easier.

Love you all, so happy to be doing the Lord's work and will and even though it's not easy, I know it will be worth it. Cause this life ain't about me! 
con amor, 
Hermana Burton. 

Ok P.S. sorry I spelled things wrong, the spanish and english are really mixed up in my head right now.

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